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Our lovely princess

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some night chats with Princess

Sometimes, children can amaze and surprise you with their words. Too much of external influences.


Princess: Kung kung, you help me find a boyfriend.

Grandpa: Why?

Princess: Because I don't know how to choose, so you help me choose-lah

Grandpa: You just 5 years old and you are thinking of boyfriend now? *Faint*


Princess: Mummy, mummy!

Me: What?

Princess: Mummy, you cannot take bath together with di-di (brother).

Me: Why cannot?

Princess: Because you will be taking off your clothing and he see you naked. Not good.

Me: Never mind. Di-di still small, he would not understand. When he bigger, then I would not bathe with him.

Princess: But only girl can bath with girl and boy must bath with boy. Not boy and girl together. Not good.

Me: Ok, it is good you know that. But Baby Jay is my son and your brother. It is okay, but when he is bigger, he can bathe himself, like what you are doing now.

(in my car with radio on)

Princess: Mummy, please off the radio. I am talking on the phone.
Me: Ok (lowering down the radio volume).
Princess: Hai ya. Cannot talk lah. Di-di so noisy. I cannot hear what daddy is talking about.
Me: You so " banyak macam".
Princess: Not macam macam. How to talk on phone when it is so noisy leh.


Princess: Mummy, what would you want me to be when I grown up?
Me: Anything. Up to you.
Princess: But mummy, I don't want to do anything hard when I am bigger.
Me: (Sigh)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do it herself

My Princess has grown up a lot. Now she can bathe herself. However most of the times I will bathe her because I am unsure whether she really bathe and clean properly or not.

She has a habit of not washing her hair. So I resort to washing her hair once every 2 days. And since she does not like to wash her, she would have to have short hair. Easier to manage that way. Her hair is thick and coarse, so if it is longer, it will tangle and hard to comb.

There are certain things I let her do herself, like cleaning after herself after poo. And I told her that soon I have to train her to make her own milk. And Princess replied me "What if I burn myself with the hot water? I don't want." Hmm, what a thought!

Monday, March 19, 2012

All that matter is....

In the end, all that I want is my family. My Big J, Princess J and Baby Jay. Nothing is more important to me than my family. They are my life, my light and my everything.

Friends come and go, but family stay forever. We argue, we fight, we kiss and we made up. We hug and we love each other. Sigh! I am missing them every single day.

Times spent with them are always short. Wish we have more than 24 hours a day and weekend would be longer. Alas! Today is only Monday and 4 more days to go before it is weekend. Sigh!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Her diary

I bought my Princess a diary last month at Popular Book. Since then, she has been doodling in her diary every day. I thought it is a good way for her to start with a diary. I used to keep few diaries when I was young. Mostly on activities, drama series and interesting place I have been. I stopped keeping up with my diary when I go to college.

Some of cute pages I found in Princess' Diary:

She just loves to draw.

Learning some Astronomy and Maths here

A mistake in this first page but she re-wrote the sentence on another page with correct spelling.

Wonder the "frind" is referring to this boy??

Monday, March 12, 2012

A challenge at home

Sorry, I have been neglecting this blog lately. Have not been up to 100% to blog over here, as it has been difficult week for us.

I am keeping updates mostly in my other blog. Princess was down with cough for a week, she is recovering in hometown. Yes! The grandma came last week and took Princess back to hometown for a week holiday since it is school holiday now.

We brought Baby Jay to see child therapist and we had our second session last Friday. We are happy to note that the therapist does not find any problem with Baby Jay so our next session would be in 2 months time. Since the first session, me and Big J took turn to talk and play with him more. You can say we are noticing him more! And I am enjoying every moment with him! Blame on our busy and tiring schedule, we neglecting our younger child. I am learning to know him more now. It is a great experience for all of us.

I myself have not been 100% well. Most of the times I am exhausted and sometimes having headaches and dizziness. They sometimes can last about a week. Last week I have cough, flu and sore throat. It was exhausting as one staff is taking leave and I got to mend the shop myself the whole day for 4 days in the row.

Big J was supposed to go to KL this morning for 2 nights but it was postponed to end of the month. He could not get a seat. Must be the holiday fever and all flights are full. I hate it when it is early and end of the year. He has many training sessions to attend in West Malaysia during those months and sometimes it stretches to weekend.

We have Big J's cousins came over from Kapit to visit their father who is supposed to undergo heart operation soon. So we have been chartering them around. The last news I heard was the uncle last minute decided not to go for the operation. Probably because of nerve or anxiety?

Sorry if I do not update much in this blog, but hopefully I will get back on track soon. For time being, everything is like a roller coaster.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stool stealer

That what he always do when he is at the shop. Little thief!! And he would never allow anyone including us to sit on the stools. He just like to put the stools upside down and arrange them or drag them here and there.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Best student

Princess came home showing me this green vest last night. Oh, that was a surprise!

Each week, one student will be selected to wear this vest for a day or so. For best behaviour, and best performance. Proud of her!

And she is happily wearing the vest to school this morning! well done, Princess.