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Our lovely princess

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tung Tung Chiang

Kids, they sure know how to enjoy themselves. Kids are simple-minded and never have worries behind them. A celebration sure merrier with kids around the house.

A pusher

At the shop, after shopping with my parents

Princess: Mummy, see what I got?
Mummy: A blouse? But you have a lot.
Princess: No, I like this. (showing off her new pink blouse)
Mummy: Who buy for you?
Princess: Gung-gung and po-po.
Mummy: You say thank you?
Princess: Thank you. I want to wear it now. (Going into the fitting room)

And my mum was complaining her been so tricky. In pretext of bringing them to upper floor, she dragged them to departmental store and insisted on buying a pink blouse. Never knew she is that "kuai" grandchild. Lol!


Princess: Why no decoration in your shop, mummy?
Mummy: No need.
Princess: You need to, mummy. CNY is coming.
Mummy: No money.
Princess: You buy and put some lanterns lah.
Mummy: Why lanterns?
Princess: CNY mah! Last time Christmas, you did not put any Christmas decoration, so CNY you must have CNY decoration.
Mummy: Okay.

So instead of lantern, mummy has this little fish as decoration; something to symbolise the upcoming CNY.

Dancing with the Lion

Princess: Mummy, where is my lion head?
Mummy: In the store room, dear.
Princess: Can I bring it out. I want to play with it.
Mummy: Okay.
Princess: I want to be the head, can ti-ti (brother) be the tail?
Mummy: He is still small, he would not know how to play.
Princess: How about you then? I cannot be the head without tail.
Mummy: ????


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Growing up

Each day passed by without we noticing it.

In 3 months time, she is turning 5. It means in couple of months, we will have to register her for her primary school intake.
Now at 17 months. In 7 months time, he will be 2 years old. Next year he will be joining his sister in kindergarden.

Gosh! I am old but a proud mum!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Her expressive drawings

My Princess loves to draw, and most of the times, she would draw people, trees and houses. Lately she has the idea of drawing her mummy and daddy. Not just that, she will explain to us that mummy and daddy in wedding attires ad live happily ever after. Lol!

Every time she comes to my shop, she will ask for pieces of papers. I could not remember how many papers I have given to her, but at least it will keep her still in shop instead of running around or going to other shops. Few drawings she keeps in the changing room. You have to believe me, she uses tapes to paste them on the wall of my changing room......

Once a friend of mine (a kindergarden teacher) told me that my Princess is a very confident type of girl. Just by looking at her drawing, she able to tell that Princess is out-spoken and confident girl. Why? Because none erasing or mess done. And when I told her that she is timid in school, she assure me that some kids are like that. Outspoken at home but observant in school. So giving her more times, I hope she will be able to show more confidence in school.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More homeworks

Since starting her P2 this year, Princess has started to bring back more homeworks. It is good things that she shows effort to do her homeworks, although I am not the one that help her out in that category. Lol! It is her "che che" (nanny's daughter) that teaching her to do homework after schools. And as always, she will proudly show me her homework when I picked her up from nanny's house.

I could not remember I have so much homework when I was in my kindergarden. And also the level of difficulties also different. Last year, she was taught to pronoun all those Bahasa Malaysia vocal. I remember I only learnt those "B A, Ba, B U, BU" when I was in my primary school. Lol!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Yesterday in ballet class

As planned, cousin and I brought our girls to the dancing class in Hui Sing yesterday evening. We reached there around 5pm and the class just started. Princess was very eager earlier yesterday and she hardly could sleep but luckily she had her nap.

But when we reached the class, it was different scenario. Both girls did not want to join the class. Instead they just sit and watch. And Baby Jay was the one more eager to run to the floor. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), there is no ballet class for boys! Lol!

Me: Princess, go out and join friends.
Princess: I don't want.
Me: I thought you said you want to dance?
Princess: I just want to see.
(She sat on the floor)
Me: Look at the girls> So nice in pink. You want or not?
Princess: (Shaking her head)
Me: See, the teacher skips and skips. You try yourself.
Princess: Don't want.
Me: If you do not want, then we go back, ok?
Princess: (whispering to me) I am shy, mummy.
Me: Huh???

So end up we have dinner at Hui Sing hawker market. Alas! Princess really has low confidence level.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trial class

This evening I will bring my Princess to Hui Sing to let her try a dancing class there. A cousin will bring along her 4 years old girl too, so hopefully with a companion, Princess will want to enrol in the class. Got to see what the class got to offer first. And my Princess is exciting that she has not taking her afternoon nap yet. No nap, no dancing! My policy! Said is easier than done. Lol.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It is over

Thank god that my Princess did not give me much trouble on first day at school. We woke up pretty early that day before 7am. After getting ready her snack box and last check on her school bag, we off to her kindergarden. It was raining that day so I reminded my Princess that her jacket is in her bag in case she was cold.

I brought her into the school compound since it was her first day. Just want to assure her that everything would be alright after a long school holiday. The assistants were all smiling and greeting us when we reached the hall. They familiar with my girl since it is her 3rd year here. As we walked to her new P2 class with new teacher, Princess started to sob lightly. Yes! She already sob in the car and after much comforting from me, she stopped but it started again when we were in her class. But at least she did not cried out loud and just quietly looking at me as I walked out from the class. At that moment, it was her mummy that wanted to cry! Lol!

So on Monday evening I asked her how was her school and she replied me eagerly she liked the new teacher and school. Why not? Her teacher given every students new pencil case with crayon and stationery. So she was happy about it and since then, happily goes to school. This morning, even requested me to fry some chicken nuggets for her snack box. As long as she is well behave, I gladly oblige. wink*

How was your first day at school? Or rather, how was your child's first day at school?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

After the holiday

More Chinese words coming out from my Princess after the holiday with grandparents. They sound funny coming out from her. Nevertheless it is a good indication for her as she is more daring to talk Chinese with us unlike in the past, when we talked Chinese with her, she will usually answer us in English.

And what annoy me the most is more "lah" and "loh" addition to her vocabulary as well. Well, it is time to to polish her language again.