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Monday, March 31, 2008

Dinner @ Buntal

We have a late dinner last Saturday night! My dad picked me and Little J up from home around 6pm that evening and we off were together to Buntal around 7pm. Buntal is well known beach area for fresh and cheap seafood! While enjoying your dinner, you will be entertained with the music from the beach, i.e. wave hitting the shore and cooling night wind. When you crave for seafood, you would definitely think of Buntal and its food! Many tourists visited it for dinner. Santubong is situated nearby, where Sarawak Cultural Village and Damai Beach are located.

Dad having good time chatting and peeling off the prawn skins

Thank god we have some light dinner at my parents' house before we departed. We reached Buntal around 7.45pm. It was dark, so I hardly can see anything from the Buntal food outlet. There were many food outlets along the Buntal beach. We tried the one at the end of the road, sorry I cant remember the name of the outlet.

My aunty and uncle from Singapore

My uncle and aunt made a visit to Kuching for Ching Ming (Chinese Tomb festival) last week, so we invited them for nice dinner at Buntal away from Kuching's busy streets. The dinner cost around RM200, we had steamed prawns, fried squid coated in flour, midin, mixed vegetables, jelly fish with special sauce, steamed Kampung chicken in wine, and fried vermicelli.

My cheeky little girl! She took a lot of those crispy fried squid! LOL!

Chain Reaction

What do you do when your kid misbehave on the dining table? Reprimand them, right? Then, what do you do when your kid starts to create a scene by crying out loud after that? Reprimand the parents! LOL!

That was what happen when we have dinner few nights ago. As Big J, Little J and myself settling down for a nice claypot dinner, we created (or rather Little J) a scene at a coffee shop. We had stewed lamb soup, braised chicken with mushroom and stir fried midin. As usual, I let Little J feed herself. Since she just had her milk before going out, she hardly touch her rice.

After few successful feeding, she started to play with her food. Banging her metal spoon on the plastic plate and spilling her rice around. Big J, been very particular on table manner, told her to stop. Little J ignored him and continue with the banging *bang bang bang* What’s next? Big J got hold of Little J’s hand and lightly squeeze her hand to stop her from banging! Oh boy! There went the crying girl!

Little J started to cry so loud that all the heads in the coffee shop turned to our table. Tears fall from her face and turn red from crying. It was quite embarrassing! So to calm Little J, I hit Big J back.

Me : Mummy hit daddy! *smack on his hand*
Little J : Hit daddy
Big J : Hit daddy (showing his hand to her)
Little J: Hit daddy! Hit daddy! (hit his hand)

There is it! End of the commotion and Little J back to her normal self! I guess she knew that her daddy is going to scold her again if she misbehave, so she did not play with her spoon after that. Lol! We finished our dinner, everything went normal and we have our dinner peacefully after the 1 minute drama!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Exchange links?

Hi there! Anyone that would like to exchange link with me? If I did missed out anyone, please give my head a knock for "unintentionally" left you out! ;p
If you are interested to exchange links with me and would like me to add yours in my visitors list, please leave your comment with your blog name and URL address in this post. I shall add you in accordingly!
Thanks and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Cheers!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two hearts apart

I have never been in a long distance relationship, so not much of an expert to comment on such topic! However I do have few friends that had or currently having long distance relationship, with one here and other across the South China Sea! Distance is not big, with the convenience of air flight, internet and mobile phones in modern world.

However, does long distance relationship usually last? Does distance make hearts ponder? Does it make you long for your lover’s touch?? Does distance make relationships grow stronger and bind a couple together in the end? Some long distance relationships do survive obstacles but not all! When you are apart, you tend to think of other often especially in first few months, but as time passes; you may tend to get used to the idea of being apart. You are no longer feeling attached to someone special!

How to make it works for you if you are currently in one or considering one in future? The very most important thing is to tell yourself that the time spending apart should be satisfying and even more exciting than when you are together! It may be dreadful for first few months when you are separated as you could not stop thinking of him! Finally when you have accepted that he is no where near you, you should start finding some activities for yourself! Start filling up those free times by doing something you have longed for! Enrol in those cooking class that you have always dream of, organize outings with your long-lost friends and list down those things that you want to do! Keep yourself busy!

Secondly, long distance relationship involves trust and what to expect out of it! Keep each other informed of your daily activities and new friendships with other people. Continue to make your other half a part of your life! Keeping each other well informed would make the other feel safe and secure of the relationship! Being clear about what you both want is extremely important too, especially in a long distance relationship, in order to prevent future misunderstandings and mistakes. Do not feel afraid to tell your partner what you really need and want from him or her, you deserve the chance to speak from your heart and he or she deserves to know the truth and judge whether they can give it to you.

Although you cannot be romantic in the sense that psychically your lover is not around, there is always way to tell him or her that you miss or love them! You can do this by sending love poems, short messages, or cards and even flowers or gifts delivered to their door step. Always think of creative way to make your relationship interesting and lively!

With the right amount of effort and interest on both parts, a long distance relationship can survive the obstacles it will frequently be challenged with. As long as you both refresh your memories of why you chose to do this in the first place, trust each other, inform one another of your personal lives, keep in touch, and visit, your relationship can turn out to be one of the most successful and happy relationships that ever existed. You both will be secure, happy and satisfied until the day comes when you will re-unite for good and build your wonderful future together.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My personal helper

As young as she can walk, she has become my personal helper, sweeping and folding laundry for me! I know, I know, make me look like child abuser! LOL! Little J started to develop interest in domestic chore when she knew how to walk! She always love to bring in the broom and dustpan (which were placed at the washing area) to the kitchen and as far as to living room! Much to the amusement and disguise of her mummy and daddy! She still love to bring those things in although she got many reprimands in the past! Never learn her lesson and I have give up on discourage her! Whose know, she may grow up to be a good helper around! *wink*

Each time I bring in laundry, she will stand at the door step and help to bring in those dry clothing! Not to mention she knows whose clothing belong to who! Daddy’s one, mummy’s one, J’s one! She knows that shirt belongs to daddy, that pants belong to mummy and that pyjama is hers! LOL! As for folding part, she hasn’t known how to fold clothing yet, just helping sorting out which clothing belongs to whose! LOL!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eat out or in??

When there is only 2 of you eating, you would consider of take-away instead of cooking a simple meal for 2 persons! I always feel guilty of not cooking for Big J. Being a dutiful wife, I am guilty of not able to cook for my family, but when think of time and effort, I having second thought! Gosh! Now that make me like a lazy person! LOL!
I know it is economical to buy groceries and divide them into 2 or 3 meals. However thinking of cooking small amount for 2 persons, it is not that economical when you think of gas and time! Dont you think so??
We prefer to save time by buying from economy fast food, RM3 - 4 per person. As Little J has taken her dinner at babysitter's house, she seldom eat in the evening when we reach home. So, RM4 per person with 25 days per week, RM200.00 for month. Cheap?? As for weekend, we usually prefer to cook and dine-in! We do miss homecook food!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Clan reunion

I was talking about my family reunion dinner last night. The Liew’s Clan! It has been ages since I met up with my big and extended Liew’s Clan! I never close to my father’s side of the family, seldom talk to my cousins. We just smiled and greeted each others, that is all! Maybe it is the age gap, as either my cousins are 10 years my senior, or 10 years my junior! Too old and young to fit in! Hahahah! I was more attached to my mother’s side of family. When we have gathering, my grandparents’ house would be filled up with laughter and talking. I always commented that the house is like wet market, noisy like one!

Back to the Liew’s family reunion dinner. It was held in one of the old Chinese restaurants around the city, the Mandarin Restaurant at Jalan Ban Hock. It was my aunty (eldest uncle’s wife)’s 71st birthday yesterday. Coincident my sister's 27th birthday fall on same day! 6 tables in totally, each Liew brothers taking 1 table spot. The dinner started at around 7pm once everyone settled down. The dishes are nothing fancy, but full of meat (you name it, we got it!) from hot dish (first time I have hot dish than cold dish, the dishes are very unique as we have mussels), roasted chicken, deep-fried duck (pity it doesn’t taste nice), steamed fish, butter prawns, shark fin soup and braised pork leg! A 8 main course plus cake and fruit platters! Sorry I forgot to bring camera, so no shot for this posting!

As I mentioned early, it has been ages since I met my extended family members. Suddenly I realized my uncles and aunties are getting older and in their 50s and 60s, cousins mostly are married with children and I have many nephews and nieces that I have never set my eyes on suddenly greet me “ku ku” or “yi yi”! How pathetic!

We have good times last night, Big J and Little J enjoying themselves! To my surprise, last night was Little J’s best dinner as she was actually eating some food (she tasted longevity noodle and some crackers) and behaving well throughout the dinner course, except for the last few minutes after everyone finishing their meals and starting to go around the table, catching up with each other! Little J also grew restless as she kept asking us to bring her to see some live shell fishes and fishes in the aquariums next door. Thank god that we have her grandparents around and them been patient, bringing Little J around to meet with her young cousins!

The dinner ended around 9pm, and we realized it rained after we came out from the restaurant! We went home full from the food and happy that we can still catch up with some relatives after soooooo many years!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Eggy Day

We have a relaxing holiday, brought Little J for window shopping. At the mention of shopping, she went excited.
We went to The Spring on Thursday morning. The shopping complex is in the mood of Easter celebration with giant Easter Eggs decoration and Big Bunny appearance at their concourse area. We didnt manage to take photo of the bunny as it was surrounded by young kids, who eager to take photos with the bunny mascot. Nevertheless, the happiest person around would be Little J, walking around by herself and getting new toys too!

A basket full of Easter eggs!

Mummy also dont want to miss out in taking photo with Little J

Look what Little J has for her Easter Day cum early Birthday present?? Grandma's special present from Fisher Price

Dont disturb her, busy playing her new toy! Alphabet cum tunes and games laughtop, it is called. Its mouse is in the shape of an orange mouse. Very cute indeed! The mum and dad also steal it from time to time to play it! LOL!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Big girl

Oh no! Little J was caught in action again in her aunty’s bedroom, stealing her lipstick and trying on herself! Now she will even beg her aunty to apply on nail polishes on both of her toe and finger nails! Faint!

On few occasions, she was caught trying on her mummy’s high heels walking around. Faint!! She is barely 2 years old, and I can already imagine how she is going to be when she is in her teens!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Edgy little girl

Little J has been very edgy yesterday and this morning. She also caught flu and mild fever yesterday and still sneezing this morning when drop her at baby sitter’s house. She must have got them over the weekend! Too much of bath and cold water! LOL! She loves to play water and indulge in those vitagen and yogurt drinks. No wonder she got flu and fever.
I drove Big J to airport yesterday morning after breakfast with him. As expected, Little J threw a tantrum in the car asking for her daddy to carry her. I have to separate her from her daddy and carry a reluctant and screaming child into the car! LOL! What a scene it created in front of the airport!
Not only that, she threw another tantrum at the baby sitter's house after sending Big J off the airport! She didnt want her baby sitter to carry her into the house! My heart gone soft and sad, but what to do!? I just have to drive off, knowing she will be fine after comforted by her baby sitter.
She still in her edgy mood this morning, and didnt want to get down from the car at baby sitter's house! My guess is it must be her fever that make her edgy. LOL! I hope her mood would improve after seeing her grandparents from Kapit this evening! Yes, they are in town, arriving this afternoon. At least, she can have all the attention she wants from her devoted grandparents.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Nervous than him

Big J going to have a presentation for his next week interview in Ampang. I was very excited for him! At the same time, nervous about his interview. No matter what is the outcome, I would always stand by him and support his decision.
His topic would be "Managing Sales". Been good with public speaking, I have confidence in him, but when come to preparing for the presentation, I need to take charge here! He is required to prepare powerpoint for the topic. Big J is not a computer widget! He used computer for entertainment purposes only. Used it to watch DVD or play computer games! LOL!
So, you see I am more nervous than him. It looks like I am the one that going for the interview. I have been busy sourcing for points and ideas for his topic via websites. So far, not much sources (maybe I didnt go to the right websites). Nevertheless, marketing is a common sense matter, just need to add some senses to it! :)
Need to get down to work tonight. Better get the powerpoint ready otherwise I would not be able to enjoy my weekend with him nagging down my neck, begging me to help him type. As matter of fact, he is not a good typist. One alphabet would take 2 - 3 seconds of his time! LOL!

Impress with her progress

Little J has been surprising both her parents on her vocabulary. Words that she has never said out like "fridge", "starfish" or "shampoo". Suddenly she said them aloud to us while pointing the respective items on her book! We were damn happy for her! You can imagine we were jumping with joy (I should have been jumping around if not for my injuired foot).
She can count from 1 to 10 (in Chinese). As for numbers in English, she usually missed out 1 or 2 numbers here and there. Only this week she learns to say the number three and four in English! Some improvement there! :)
I hurt my foot last week, and when ever Little J started to misbehave, I would told her to be quiet and good girl as mummy is in pain and cannot walk well. She immediately come over and give me a hug! That melt my heart away! Who said children dont understand what adults talking about??
She also got good ear. When ever her aunty or daddy talking downstair or outside our bedroom, she immediately recognised their voices and demanded to be let out from the room! LOL! She would start to shout "open the door" to who that listen to her! Not only that, if she hear any of our cars, she would started to say "Daddy's car" or "Ku Ku's car (aunty's car)".
She is one clever girl (I am not boosting about my own daughter) but I am impress by her improvement. She is a fast learner. I was talking to Big J the other day on sending her to play school this year in hope that she would learn more things. But Big J said she is still small and worry about her been bullied in nursery. Now, talking about daddy's little gal. He is worry about his gal been bullied. I was hoping my Little J does not bully other kids instead! Hahaha!

Who should pay for the bill?

When I read Jen’s article on her toastmaster presentation I would like to add one point to her article.

When you go out on the first date, do you expect the guy to pay or both go on Dutch? It is not unusual trend to have man pay for the dinner. Man do not expect woman to take out her handbag and start to count her money or swing her credit card to the waiter. That is a No No! If man is out to impress the woman, then do not expect the woman to pay for her share. You are suppose to woo her, not chasing her away.

No matter who initiate the first date, man should not let the woman pay for the bill! Please remember that! It would be even better if you can show generosity in first date to impress your date.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An opportunity

Big J has finally make his move in getting out from current company and look for better working opportunity. I am proud of his move, as he has been on the heat with his boss. Big J is usually a stoical person, always good nature and never complain much about other things. However, there is always a limit to one person’s feeling. He has decided to give his boss his resignation letter after Chinese New Year. Enough is enough!
I was excited for Big J! He just called me up, telling me he is going to Penang for an interview at an established financial institution next Monday. Flight is paid for, and Big J would be going to Pearl of The Orient for a day trip. Should he get the job, possibility of us moving to Penang is high! Yahoo! I dont mind going to Penang as I have heard of its nice food, places and people. I have been to Penang once with group of friends. That was back in 1999.
Penang is more of less the same like Kuching in the sense the dialect they used there is Hokkien, besides Mandarin (Chinese). At least, I wouldnt feel out when people start talking Hokkien to me. I am not good with speaking Cantonese, but I do understand the dialect. I am sure we would easily blend into the environment there.
My dream is still far away, as Big J has not yet confirmed on getting the job. But there is always hope when people interested and calling you for an interview right?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Panda & I

Wow! There come Mr Panda and Ms J having some chatting and fun together! Arent they cute together??

Check out all those precious hair accessories of Ms J! It is too many that sometimes I don’t know which one to use. As matter of fact, the above is just a part of her accessories, some have lost along the way. Either misplace or she throw them around. LOL.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Love Booster

You don’t need expensive aphrodisiacs such as ginseng and oysters to boost your sexual appetite, everyday foods can spark it up too!

Avocado – all all-rounder. This fruit contains high levels of folic acid to metabolise proteins for extra energy, and potassium to police your thyroid gland so as to keep hormones at a healthy balance

Liver – not the sexiest of foods, but a good source of glutamine, an amino acid that help zap a slowed-down libido into shape

Almonds – studies shoe that the smell of almonds appears to arouse passion in women. (Wow, girls let have some at the side of the bed will you?)

Garlic – It increases blood flow to your sexual organ. (better opt for garlic supplement, since the smell could be a passion-killer!)

Eggs – A high vitamin B5 and B6, balance up the hormone levels and fights stress

Celery – get your man to chow down on some raw celery since it contains androsterone, an odorless hormone released through male perspiration that turns women on
(Source: Malaysian Women's Weekly)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Moments

I was mesmerized by some old photographs of Little J while browsing through my pen drive. Her laughter and pose always bring smile to my face. When I was down or not feeling alright, a single look at her photographs with her smiling back at me will boost up my mood again.

I am particularly like this recent photograph of her while comfortably settling herself in our bed. Isn’t she look cozy in there? Even when it is time for her bed, she has reluctant to comply and didn’t want to move from her place. She is a darling to our life yet one little mischievous girl.

Since invest in a new digital camera early this year, I have been taking photographs of her when I have the opportunity or remember to do so! I always bring my camera around in my handbag so I will not miss out on every single interesting events involving Little J. She has been my model since then, and never grew tired of been photographed! As for me, I also never grew tired of photographing her too!

I know that when she grows up, and myself and Big J grow older, we only have those photographs as memory. We cannot turn back the clock and go back to the times, but with photographs as our faithful companion, we will sure remember those happy moments that we have shared in life.
Happy - Happy Moments

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Over a tiny remark

Am I a bit on the sensitive spectrum lately? It is not the time of the month when I will encounter the fluctuation of hormone level and sudden changes of mood. It is just that I am not in good mood lately.

I have been having cold war with Big J for 2 nights over a remark that he made. It hurts me although to him, it is a small matter. That is why there is difference between man and woman! They suppose to complement each other in life but it comes with argument and conflict from time to time. A small thing for a person is a big deal for another person!

Back to the tiny remark he made, it is not a big deal but the way he said it make my blood boiling! We were just having a nice dinner at home and suddenly he spoilt the whole ambiance by saying that remark. I know that he has a long and tired day at work, so am I! He should not vent his frustration on me!

Yes, some men may be thinking that as his wife, I should tolerate and share what ever problems with husband.

Then again, shouldn’t all works remain at work and not to be brought home? Work and home do not mix together, if do, they will spell disaster to your relationship!! Should you have any problem at work, try not to bring it home! Leave all those problems at work! Yes, I agree on sharing the good and bad time with husband. But again, do choose the right time and place to discuss with your partner. Maybe a talk in bed before sleeping time is good when everyone is in relaxing mood.

Sigh! I know I wouldn’t be having those cold war with Big J for long. Just hope that he will be a bit more compassionate and reasonable to his family. One person’s frustration affect another person’s feeling.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Church Outing

Little J’s first day in a Sunday school. Actually it is also Big J and my first time at the new Trinity Methodist church last Sunday morning. We wanted to try out the English session at this church as I have been complaining on not been able to follow the Chinese speeches and songs in the past. I was in Malay and English mediums during school days, so I would not be able to master any reading and writing of Chinese languages. I only learn to converse in Chinese during my college time.

Back to Little J’s Sunday school. We put her in the 4 – 5 years old class, since no other classes that accepting younger children. At first everything went well for her, she was able to sit together with other older children on the benches then when asked to sit on the floor mat, she followed through. As the teacher was busy arranging and instructing other children to be quiet and in order, Little J grew tired of it and went for the door! LOL! We even went to the older children class, but that also doesn’t hold her attention for too long. After receiving some stickers from the teacher, she ran out from the class! LOL!

To our understanding the younger children classes concentrating on singing where as older children classes emphasize on verses reading and other interactive activities. Little J loves singing and dancing, so we thought of bringing her often to the younger classes in hope she will like it.

The English worship services start at 1030am, so we take the opportunity to attend it too. There was a room called quiet room provided for parents with young infants and children. That was where 3 of us were seated!! Oh no! This is worse than the kindergarten and Sunday school classes!! Children were running around (Little J also didn’t miss out on doing some running herself), playing with toys that provided and babies crying! We hardly can concentrate on listening to the services!

So much for our first time!