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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who is coming?

My MIL will be coming over tomorrow afternoon. A short visit this time round. Actually coming over to visit her sister who recently undergo an operation.
At the same time, visit her beloved granddaughter that she misses so much. *wink* She will be staying till Sunday only then go back to Kapit. She can't take longer leave as need to work and look after her business.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Diaper-free at home

Latest update: Little J

I am getting her off her diapers at home more often now as she will be going to school next year. So I don’t want her to put on diapers when go to school next year. She has been diaper-free at her babysitter’s house since last year. It is just that I don’t have the confidence to do so at home till last week.

There were 2 occasions where she wet herself in the living room on the first trial. She just too absorbed in her cartoon and when she has the urge, it was already too late. *laugh* However as each day passed by, she getting better. I kept asking her every minute whether she wants to relieve herself or not.

I have never knew that it is so much fun teaching your children to be diaper-free. Once a while you will feel frustrated especially when she wet herself, but it is satisfying to know that she knew when to go to the toilet to relief herself. Even when I am not around, Little J knows how to take off her pants and go to toilet herself.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Surfing in the room

Finally we have our streamxys in our room. The feeling is just great.

The plan to install streamxys has been at the back of our “to-do” list as we don’t have times to go through those necessary procedures and register. After reading Jen’s story on her unpleasant encounter with the Streamxys staff, I was even more reluctant to register. Luckily Big J took the initiate and has the patience to do so as he needs to go online pretty often at night. Part of his job scope, he said.

So, the problem now is to come to an agreement on the schedule, divide time between both of us on whom should use the computer on certain nights. Better say it clearly now, otherwise later we may end up fighting over the computer. *wink* But I guess I will give priority to Big J since he needed it more for work than I do.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

She needs extra 2kg

Paediatrician advised for Little J to put on additional 2kg as she is slightly on underweight level. Her current weight is 13kg. Her paediatrician said 15kg would be ideal for her age.

Hmm, she is still very much of a picky eater, only eat certain food. Not a very adventurous toddler when come to food either. She may touch and taste the food on the table, but if she doesn’t like them, she will throw them out and put them away. It takes one’s patience to feed her a bowl of rice.

Wonder what else should I do to encourage her to try new food?? When will she pass that stage? I hope it will not persist till her schooling age as she will be going to pre-school next year. I would love to see her put on some extra weight by then.

Monday, July 21, 2008

She has her way

She knows that I don’t like her to sit in front of tv for longer period but she has a way to go around the rules.

Little J will use her aunty when she wants to go to the living room to watch her cartoons. First thing in the morning, she will jump from the bed and heading to her aunty’s room. She will start to pester her aunty by bumping her butt on the door and calling her to come out from the room or let her in. I guess she cannot be heard if she knocks using her hand, so instead she will bump at her door with her butt. *laugh* She knows her aunty wakes up pretty early and will bring her down to the living room.

So every morning, she will stay in the living room alone watching cartoons while I get ready for work. Sometimes Big J will accompany her if he wakes up early. Just thank god once Little J sticks to cartoon shows, she will become a couch potato, stick on the sofa, not move an inch there. So I know that she is safe in the living room alone.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rain, rain, go away

It just feels like year-end weather in Kuching. Rain is a common sight. It rains almost every afternoon and evening here. No exception on last night as hardly much sun yesterday.

I was playing lego with Little J on Friday evening in the room when suddenly the rain started again around 9.00pm. Coincidently Big J just reached home. I was mumbling to Little J that it rained again and going to be a cold night. Then she looked at me and started to sing “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day”. I was stunned for a while.

I guess Little J thought I didn’t hear her properly, so she repeated her song again! *laugh* By then, I was so happy to hear her singing new song that I called out for Big J to hear her sing. *Shy* It was pity that neither I nor Big J know how to sing the song, otherwise we will sing along with Little J. I know that it is an old song and I heard it before, but I cannot remember how to sing it. I guess I have to start browsing through all those children songs, or I will have another round of surprises when she started blabber some songs again.

Commitment in relationships

Your man may loves and adores you but he may not take it easy when ask him to commit himself fully to you. Try the following steps to make it easy for him:

1) Make it easy for him to confide in you by listening without giving him advice or criticising him.
2) Make your man feel special by showing him that you love him for himself alone.
3) Try to be natural.
4) Give your man the sense that he can keep his freedom - at least to a reasonable degree.
5) Don't let him do too much for you or spend too much, (even if he volunteers).
6) Don't make your man jealous as a device to build his interest in you.
7) Insist on sexual fidelity once you feel you need it.
8) Help your man to accept the fact that he needs you and loves you.
9) After a few months, insist that your man introduce you to his family and friends and to anyone important in his life.
10) Guard against giving your man more than you really want to over a long period of time

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little gardener at work!

Beware! Little gardener is at work in the garden. Found it irresistible not to take picture of her digging soil into flower pot. She just loves helping her daddy in doing some gardening. Now that is what I call a daddy’s good helper. *wink*

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My bike

I have my first bicycle. A present from grandpa and grandma. What do you think? Do I look stylish on it? It has a compartment in front, so I can keep my stuff in it too.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A night out

A colleague of Big J is celebrating birthday tonight. I am invited to his karaoke party at one of the famous place in Kuching. Wow! I am excited because it has been ages since the last time I sang (psst, not that I can sing that well).

Little J will follow her aunty. Thank you so much. If not for her, I would not be able to take time off and go out at night. Yes, I will treat her to breakfast tomorrow as an appreciation.

As for Little J, she did not take any nap the whole day today. Wow! I never know where she got all those energy from at such young age. But I believe that she will doze off pretty early tonight. Usually her bedtime is around 9something, but I expect her to sleep before 830pm tonight. Once she put into bed, then me and Big J will sneak out for a birthday party……Chow!

Ready in 2010

Just hear good news from Big J today, that our house would be completed in 2010. Er, that would be 2 years from now. Don't know it would be ready early, middle or end of 2010, but I guess with the speed of the developer, I can expect it to be ready by mid-2010.
As for now, we are comfortable staying at in-law's house. Little J will be around 4 years old when move into the new house.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

She is crankier

I think Little J is very cranky lately, always throw tantrum around when things did go her way. For example, when it is time for her bed and she doesn’t want to bug from her place, watching television at night. She will scream, cry, scratch and kick when you carry her up to the bedroom. Gosh! What is happening to her??

Now I am crankier than her because of her behaviour. Don’t know till when I can keep my cool if she continues like that.

Monday, July 7, 2008


My Little J knows how to say few Malay words, much to my surprise. She spoke her first Malay words on Saturday night while we were on the way to a shopping centre. Just out of sudden, she bursts "Satu, Dua, Tiga, Empat, Lima' in perfection. And you know the rest, we (my parents and sis) laughed till our stomaches cramp! Just couldnt believe our ears.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's Sunday!

Yes, Big J is coming back today. I miss him a lot! ;p

Big J is having good time in Redang since Friday, having a training there. When mention the name Redang, it reminded me of our honeymoon in 2005. How times flied! I miss Redang very much, its beautiful ocean, sandy beach and the wild nature surrounding the island. We are making a pledge to visit Redang someday, maybe bringing our children together and showing them the place where their parents having their honeymoon. *wink* Maybe a 2nd honeymoon?

Ways to win his mates

Your boyfriend has many buddies, they may don’t like on first impression or ignore you as to them, they think you are hijacking their buddy away on Friday nights for your self. No matter how much you dislike his buddies, or how immature their behaviour is, the truth is that his buddies are there to stay. Find ways to get along with them. You will never get rid of them, so instead find a way to get them on your side.

1. Talk about sports. Most men love football. Read the sports pages regularly so you are updated and know what is going on
2. Ask if they can make you a copy of their favourite CD even you don’t like it
3. Strike a friendship with their girlfriends so you don’t feel left out and a part of the gang
4. Ask them questions about them to show you care and want to know them well
5. Offer to sit in the backseat every now and then, to show you are not possessive about being next you your boyfriend
6. Tell them how lucky your boyfriend are to have them and they are a good bunch of guys
7. Ask advices from them on what present should you get for your boyfriend on his birthday or other special occasion

Good luck!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Days of absenteeism

It has been many days since my last post. I was down with sore throat. I got it from Big J. He was sick after back from KL last week. He has yet to recover, but he is flying to Peninsular today for a management training in Redang.

Little J is getting better, thank god but she still have running nose occasionally. We have problem feeding her medicine, need 1 person to hold her and other to pump the syrup into her mouth. I am controlling her intake, not to give her anymore Vitagen and cold drink. And restricting her bath time too. Every time she is taking her bath, she will take long time in the bathroom, playing with the water. Sometime she will lie down on the floor and imitate swimming style!! *laugh* Wait till she is 3 or 4 years old, then daddy and mummy will enroll her in swimming class.

As for me, I have sore throat since Tuesday and it is kind of tiring to look after a sick child and a tired hubby. When I have sore throat, coughing and flu will come hand in hand. Sigh! How come even when Little J is sick, she is still that active and don’t want to sleep earlier at night? While both parents lay down half death on the bed, she still can jump on the bed and irritate you.

So, those are some little update from me. Not so much on blog hopping lately as I were lazy and not up to doing it. Hubby took the notebook to work, so I don’t have any notebook to access internet too. Don’t worry, once I recover, I will visit your blogs and read all the posts. Till then!