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Our lovely princess

Friday, October 28, 2011

Gone missing

I (nearly) have a shock of my life last night. You see, I had migraine yesterday and it lasted till last night. With me not feeling so well, and the kids hanging around the shop, I have lost sight of my 2 kids when there were many customers in the shop.

After a while I realised no sound from both kids. I knew they are missing from the shop. Panic!! Really panic and me and sister searched for Princess and Baby Jay around the shopping mall. Thank god my sister spotted them in the supermarket. They love hanging in there, maybe because of the cool air-con. But I nearly have a break down thinking my kids missing! Lol!

Princess told me Baby Jay suddenly walked to the next door supermarket and act as big sister, she followed him around. My sister found them wandering around the cold storage section. Fortunately most of the staff knew my 2 kids as they are "frequent" visitors there, but from mummy's point of view, it is always a shock to realise your kids not around you for seconds.

Told Princess to inform me or anyone in the shop if they are wandering off the shop next time. And I told Big J maybe we really should consider getting a maid to look after the kids. I cannot handle another heart attack!! Sigh!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our reflection

Don't you think that our own children is a little mirror of us, the parents? Why not? We spend most of the times with them, nurture and grow them into an individual of their own and yet along the way, the kids will imitate how and what we do and think.

Like Princess for instance. She is just like me. Big J commented that as she grows older, she is behaving, thinking and talking like me. I also feel that Princess Jan is like me, strong-headed, persuasive and perfectionist. And Baby Jay is more like his daddy, full of sense of humor, cheerful, competitive and strong-headed.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kid's Sunday

It was a cold raining Sunday yesterday and we chose to stay at home in the morning.

The kids have a fun Sunday with their cousin Chloe visiting them yesterday. The girls are close to each other. Why not? Just a year apart, they are like sisters. When they are good, they really share things, but when they fight, they can be nasty too.

So me and Big J baby-sit Chloe as her mummy has a dancing competition to attend to. My 2 kids already very naughty so you imagine, with another tagging along, they can be hard to control sometimes. But being a mummy, I got to show my authorities. When it was nap time, I managed to get the kids to sleep in same bed, but after long time, only Baby Jay fall asleep, while the two girls kept whispering under the blanket! Sigh! So in the end, I gave up and let the 2 kids have their bath time.

They have their tv watching and iPad-ing the whole evening till Chloe's mummy came to pick her around 6.30pm as we had a little girl's 1 year old birthday dinner to attend to. There the kids were enjoying themselves with goodies and food as free flow of drinks and food since it was a buffet dinner.

After all the day activities, we reached home around 10pm. Princess were knocked out earlier since she did not have her nap while Baby Jay kept disturbing me and Big J till he dozed off around 11pm.

Monday, October 17, 2011

One of those days


Lazy and do not know what to write in here for many days. Sitting in front of pc also uselss. End up I blog hopping, looking for blog ideas. Blur blur!

Anyway, some updates before I go into MIA!

1) Contractor is building our wardrobe in the master bedroom and 2 children bedroom. Should be completed by this month. Now need to do the air con, curtains, lighting and hunting for bedding and furnitures. We managed to get a candelier-like lighting for the dining room and ceiling fan for the living room. Soon we shall get an auspicious date from a feng shui master to move in. More cleaning and packing after that.

2) Current home is still smell of kacang ma herbs everytime I go home. SIL is still in confinement period. Left few more days before she is out from it and baby is one month old.

3) It has been more than a month since my Princess Jan learnt music. She is enjoying it as the day goes by. Even her music teacher (aka owner) commented that she is good and attentive. *Proud* I believe soon she will nag her daddy to buy her a grand piano in the new house! *wink*

4) Princess will have her first school outing next month to MBKS library. It is more like a graduation concert rehearsal cum educational trip for Pre-2 and Pre-3.

5) Baby Jay was down with fever and diarrhea after we came back from Sibu. Must be the heatiness and drink less water there. Luckily he is fine now. He is currently weighing around 12kg. He does not like to eat much nowadays, now is into teh-o-peng (ice tea) and soft drinks, which worried me. He can do "peace" sign when pose for pictures but most of the times he will like to put his hands on his waist. Still that cheeky and babbling. Now he is into iPad and always fight with Princess for the iPad.

6) Sleep deprived. So sleepy now. I was done with sore throat and cough last week and short handed in the shop. Hardly have a good rest. Think it is time for my afternoon nap. Cannot think clearly now.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Introducing Enid Blyton

Bought this book few months ago during Popular Book sales for Princess. Since she can read well, thought of introducing more advanced children books to her. Glad that she likes it.

I always a fan of Enid Blyton and still love reading her books. Reading them makes me believing in those magical world with fairies and pixies. Lol!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Interact with Linqto

It was a tiring Sibu trip, and Baby Jay is down with fever yesterday morning. Poor boy! Went to see doctor today and he has inflammation in his throat. Hope he will recover soon because I am not used to see him quiet and not so active.

Have not have time to upload the photos of our trip but once I done I shall place them into my Facebook account and link to Video Conferencing Application so my friends can view them easily. Photographs of not only the wedding reception, but kids with their great granparents, and some beautiful landmarks along the road trip to Sibu. Can't wait to share them but for time being, need to unpack our luggages first.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Princess cannot sleep last night. She slept pretty late. Why not? She must be excited to take few days off from her kindergarden.

This morning she was pretty early, and while in the car, she told me she was excited to go to school today. And she was even more excited tomorrow because she is going to Sibu to visit her gu-gu (Big J's sister). Lol! That girl. Very attached to her aunt.

I guess we are all excited. Our first road trip to Sibu as family. Must remember to pack my camera to snap lots of photographs. *wink*