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Our lovely princess

Thursday, December 30, 2010

She is back

Yes, my princess is back from her loooong holiday. Once she landed Kuching on Monday evening, she told me she was hungry so we headed to SCR for her favourite chicken rice. When asked her what she missed the most in Kuching, she said she missed "shopping" and "KFC". Lol!

So the next evening together with my MIL, we brought Baby Jay and Princess to The Spring. The Christmas decoration was still there so it was great to show both kids the trees and decoration in the mall. As for Baby Jay he was thrilled as he kept walking and we have hard times catching up with him!

I think princess grows a lot, even her pink jacket looks small! Lol!
This was taken yesterday when we registered Princess' P2 class which starts next week.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Counting down to the day

A week more! Hanging on there!

I am referring to my princess back from her long holiday in hometown. I miss her very much! She will be back with her grandma on 26 December. And it means that I would need to bring her to her kindergarden and register her for her P2 class which started early January next year. In 4 months time she will be 5 years old. *sob sob* I could not believe my princess is growing that fast!

In couple of months time I will register her for a placement in primary school. Yes! We need to register her for our selected primary school next year although it is 2 years away. We have yet to confirm the school we want, as both Big J and I have not agree on the school, but Chinese school is preferable. Too many factors to consider in deciding which school to put her. Sigh!

Spoke to her over the phone this morning. When asked her whether she is ready to come back, she replied "No". As expected, that was her answer. So it will be another round of headache on her first day at school. But deep down in my heart, I just hope she will be fine and no holiday blue eludes her on that day.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kid's immunisation

Baby Jay has gone for his chicken pox vaccination last Saturday. Not much weight gained for the past 3 months, just weighing around 9.6kg at 15 months old. Usually he will not like his visit to paede, but the lady doctor has gone travelling for a month since end of November and it is a young male doctor that tending to my boy that day.

He will wail or make lots of noise when his lady doctor checking on him or giving him injection but to my surprise, that day he did not wail a bit except when the young male doctor started to inject him. Still not much objection from him and everything went pretty well. Even the doctor said he was a good boy. Lol!

His next vaccination would be when he is 18th month old which will be end of February 2011. DPS booster. I don't know much about vaccination but boy! Our kids nowadays sure have a busy schedule of visit and immunisation. I do not remember my parents brought me or my other siblings for vaccination when we were small. Gosh! I pity my kids. Not forgetting that they are going to a child specialist, not general hospital which offer cheaper rates.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I did not have good sleep last night. Princess kept coughing non stop in middle of the night. Luckily she did not wake up the baby or else it will be a very long night for me.

This morning brought both kids to see doctor but unfortunately the doctor is away for a month and the replacement will only come in next Monday. So I just collected the medicine for both Princess and Baby Jay. Yes, Baby Jay also have running nose, thank to the sister. Or should I say, thank to daddy? He has cough first and the next thing I know, both kids started to cough and sniff. And I also not feeling so well when woke up this morning. God! Must take more supplements and drink more water today.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daddy's surprise

Daddy's birthday is just a couple day ahead and my princess has planned a surprise for her daddy. She told me to gather everyone in the house and when her daddy came back from work, we all shout "Surprise!". And I am supposed to come out from my hiding place (which is the bedroom) and give daddy his surprise birthday present. Asked what would be the birthday present, Princess said something that daddy wanted, like belt, pen etc. Hmm, I have not yet decided what to buy. Since he got a new leather belt from Indonesia, belt is definitely out of the list!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The jewels of the house

When ever the weather permitted, we will bring princess for a dip in the clubhouse. Baby Jay has fear of water since he was a baby, so at first we just let him watch his sister playing in the water. But slowly he is moving nearer to the pool and then suddenly he also wanted to jump in with his clothes and diaper on! Lol!

Princess is 4 years old and half now. Weighing around 16.5kg, she loves to eat chicken rice, nasi lemak (minus the sambal) and fried rice, kuaw tiaw alike. Her appetite is improving since this year and she started to experiment with more food.

As for Baby Jay, he will eat everything that we give him, so he is not a very choosy baby. However Big J has been commenting on his weight and size and I have to convince him that it is normal since Baby Jay has been a hyperactive baby. Or maybe he takes after my family genes; i.e. smaller body bones but high metabolism. *wink*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Barney to school

Princess chooses her own sandals and shoes. She has more footwear than I do. Lol!

This is what she choose this morning to school. Barney! I told her it looks more like bedroom slippers; too cute to wear outside.

Sometimes I am a bit concern when it comes to educational series. Worry my children cannot differentiate what is reality and what is not. There was a time when my Princess told me that she would like to visit Barney's park some day and play with him. Hmm.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Old bed

For a week, my Princess has been sleeping on her old cot. Baby Jay did not want to sleep in his own cot, so my Princess is happily jumping into the bed and sleep. She told me how she misses her old bed. Lol!

Baby Jay has been sharing the same bed with me and Princess for few months now. Don't know why, he did not like to sleep on his own in his bed. And Big J? He sleeps on a mattress next to the bed. So you can imagine Baby Jay rolling, crawling and walking from one end of the mattress over to Big J's mattress. That boy of mine, has the same habit like his sister, but worse! I never expect to see his face next to me when wake up in the morning. Either I will be seeing his feet or him sleeping at the foot of the bed. Sometimes I wonder how he can sleep on Big J's mattress too. Hmmm....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Young driver

My cheeky boy at wheel. When ever Big J stops at traffic lights, Baby Jay will wail and move to his side to play at the steering wheel. There is a time while he was playing, he accidentally press the honk. I was buying something at a shop and have a jump hearing the honk.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My two kids

Both kids have their own personality.

My Princess can be a princess when she wants to. She loves to dress up and act pretty. She chooses her own clothing and shoes when she is going out. She is also an independent girl; brushing her own teeth, changing herself etc. Every night without fail, she will read her books before goes to bed. Sometimes she can be a real menace; nagging and complaining about small things. Just like her mummy, Big J said! So, my princess is replacing me to be the "nagger" around the house. Lol!

Princess is also a lovey-dovey type of girl; love to show her feeling to us. She will hugs, kisses and says "I love you" when she feels like it. But she has her sensitive spot too. Sometimes I can feel that she is jealous of her brother; maybe because we put more times and attention on him than her.

On the other side, Baby Jay is a year old plus and he is one crying baby. He cries when me or Big J leaving the room. So I have to carry him when ever I want to do sometimes. He is also showing some tantrum once a while when he could not get his way.

When Princess is playing with her toys, Baby Jay will sure want to disturb her and sometimes take the toys away from her. And you know my Princess is usually the soft hearted one. She will only complaining and rumbling non stop about her naughty baby and then go find new toys to play. And Baby Jay on the other hand, will stop playing with the toys and disturb his sister again. That Baby Jay is one naughty baby.

Baby Jay also love to disturb my dressing tables. What ever he can grab, he will grab and bite. He loves my lotion in particular. He can use his teeth to bite open the lid and there goes my lotion if it is went unnoticed! And if you take the lotion away from him, we will have a wailing baby. At least wailing is better than scratching and biting. Now no one dare to hug him because he can scratch and bite people! And he loves to pull Princess' hair if Princess did not share her toys with him. Sigh!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Paint my face

One day a conversation with my princess:

Princess: Mummy, you every morning paint your face. So "mei mei" (beautiful).
Me: Thank you. That is call "make up" not "paint"
Princess: Oh, make up. Can I make up too?
Me: Wait till you are bigger, okay?
Princess: Okay. Mummy, you buy the make up for me next time okay?
Me: (roll eyes)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Winner & the nanny

The winner

On the day of her competition, Princess Jan requested her hair to be tied, so my maid helped her and gave her 2 Mickey Mouse shaped hair clips. And she was happy with her new hair style that she did not want to wash her hair for whole day! Lol!

My Princess has conquered her fear and managed to go through the Final of her English Reading Competition. Although a slight break down at first (her voice is breaking and she was fighting in between her sobs), she manage to read her rhyme. She won a consolation prize.

The winners with their prizes. 1st prize winner recites her winning rhyme.

I am proud of her. As her prizes from me, I brought her to Boulevard Shopping Complex and bought her a colouring pencil set (as she wanted) and some books from Popular Book Store and treated her to a nice KFC dinner. At least a consolation for her bravery to go up the stage! Bravo, Princess!

Showing off her consolation prize

The nanny

It is going to be a long week without the kids' babysitter. Babysitter is taking leave from tomorrow till 2 October; she is going to Thailand for a holiday. And it means that Big J and I have to take turn to look after the 2 kids. Luckily I managed to employ 2 new staff at the shop. Both very new, one started about a week ago and another one just came in few days ago. At least I have my Indonesian maid mending the shop and I am relieved to take care of the kids.

With 2 hyperactive kids, it can be pretty hard job, but I guess we shall prevail. Our routine for the rest of the week would be:

Sending Princess to school during the weekday.......Have breakfast, open shop...Picking her up from school....Have lunch and bathe the kids at my parents' house since it is pretty near to my shop......Either me or Big J to bring the kids home for their afternoon nap....Bathe the kids......Dinner at my parents' house.....Playtime at the shop till closing.

I guess the routine would be like that.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Milestone in School - Into Final

I received a call from Princess' teacher yesterday afternoon. Princess is into the final of her English speaking competition which is going to be held tomorrow morning!

I was surprised when received the call but same time, I am proud and happy for my princess. Since starting school last year, this would be the first time she is through the final in any competition.

However her teacher commented that she cried on stage, but somehow she managed to read her sentences and into final. So when I told her in the evening about her achievement, she started to wet her eyes again. "I do not want to go to the stage, mummy", she told me. Sigh!

So to cut the story short, after much "bribing", she finally agreed to my request with some "bribes". Lol! So hopefully she will do it tomorrow morning. Mummy and daddy will be there to support her!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Spec-wearing kids

Since my Princess is back from her hometown about a week ago, she started to have a habit of playing games in the mobile phone. In the past, she will use her aunt's notebook to play games however lately she is addicted to this "bubble games" in Big J's handphone. Luckily mine did not have such games, but I am not worry about that.

My concern is her addiction. And also the effect it has on her eyes. As you may be aware of, nowadays the kids wear glasses at very young age. As young as 2, I have encountered before. Don't know it is genetic or due to external influence, but I do pity little children that have to go through the stage of going to optometrist, getting the right eye glasses and may be ridiculed in school etc. I know how it feels because I myself started to wear glasses at age of 11. I hated it then, if possible, tried not to wear it in school.

So I am concern about my Princess's addiction to games in handphone or notebook and since both Big J and I wear glasses, I wonder whether it would be genetic and passed down to her and Baby Jay? Hmmmmmmm

Thursday, September 16, 2010

His 1 year old jab

Poor Baby Jay. I just remember about his 1 year old vaccination yesterday. Finally he has his shot and 1 year old assessment. Currently he is weighing around 9.3kg. As usual he did not like people to hold him while the doctor inject the vaccination onto him and he has a bruise on his forehead from knocking on the doctor's table. Lol!

The next vaccination would be when he is around 15 months old which is end of November. Don't worry, I have set reminder in my mobile so I will remember it by then.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to school

Yes, today is the first day at school and Princess has been very good. I remember during the previous holiday she did not want to go back to school after school reopened.

I could not get up in time this morning. The clock is set but end up I did not heard it and my Baby Jay was the one that wake me up, around 730am. So it was chaotic as laundry needed to be hung to dry, feed the 2 kids, make food for Princess to bring to school etc....Anyway, thank Big J as he sent the 2 kids off while I can take some time to bathe and get ready to go out. Princess even gave me a hug before she went out, which she seldom do. I guess she did not feel like going to school after a week lay off, but she was obediently went into the car and wave goodbye to me. *wink*

As usual I would ask Princess what she would like for her snack time in the morning. She will choose between croissants and sausages. As she is growing, her appetite also increasing. She can finish 2 pieces of croissants or 5 strips of sausages. And slowly I am introducing her new food, like muffins, scones and cheesy sandwiches for her school snack. I am not like some mommies who are very adventurous and crafty in providing meals for their kids. Some even make good bento for their kids to bring to school. Alas. I am a lazy mummy. Just can provide something good enough for the kids, nothing fancy.... Lol!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

He did it!

Baby Jay is very close to Big J lately. Maybe because Big J look after him more than I did! *wink*

Since I started my shop 3 months ago, I seldom have the time and energy to look after Baby Jay. Sometimes I feel sorry for him, but I know everything I do now is for the children' future. They would not know much now, but someday they will understand my sacrifice.

Every night Big J would bring the children back from baby sitter's and sometimes have dinner together with me, otherwise he will eat take-away at home. He will feed, change and bathe the children. So by the time I reach home after 10pm, most of the times the children have dozed off. If the children are awake, either Princess reading her books on the bed and Baby Jay disturbing and making messes in the room. So it would be my turn to put the children to sleep.

I just want to say I am proud of Big J. He has been able to handle the children and whether he likes it or not, he finally did it. He can take care of the children and I really appreciate what he does. *wink* It just to show how important is in a family, both husband and wife need to be responsible and able to take the responsibility to look after the children. And it just feel great when your husband suddenly say to you "Darling, now I know how hard it is to look not only one but two kids. I admire you. Now I know how it feels" Lol!

Friday, September 3, 2010

She cries

Today Princess is going to Sibu for overnight stay. Her grandma bringing her to see her aunt in Sibu, and then tomorrow they will be heading to Kapit.

Princess came into my room (she slept with her grandma in the other room for 2 nights) with red and teary eyes. And when asked why was she crying, she told me that she is missing me......*sob* And it puts tears in my eyes too. However the teary moment is only for few minutes as Princess was all joy and chirpy again. She even ate a handful of fried kuaw tiaw and reminded me to buy 2 pieces of her favourite croissants and a pack of Milo.

So in her Barney bag, she was off to the Sibu this morning. I am sure not only me that going to miss her. Baby Jay may senses his missing and chatty sister and so is Big J. No one can stand the chatterbox but when she is gone, the house is sure empty and quiet. Lol! It is going to be quiet till she is back next Saturday evening.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My baby is 1 today!

As mummy grows a year older yesterday, Baby Jay is one year old today. No longer a baby, he should be called a toddler. He can stand still now, pretty steady sometimes. He started to walk (like drunken boy) last month however he still enjoy crawling and exploring on his own; always wander and grab what ever that interested him.

Baby Jay loves to pinch and bite people, and not to mention I hate it when he is pulling my hair when he is annoyed or angry. As for his vocal ability, he is still in his baby talk. A bit slow in talking, unlike Princess. Probably a boy, not that talkative and slower. However he can call her sister "jie jie".

He is weighing around 10Kg during his previous visit to Paed which is early July, so I guess he is more than 11kg now. And it means that he is due for his 1 year old vaccination in 2 days time. Baby Jay has 8 teeths which is not as neat like his sister. All the teeth grow with gap in between. So it proved that babies who did not sulk pacifiers do not always have nicer teeth. Baby Jay did not take pacifier and his teeth grow like that. Meanwhile Princess who sulked on pacifier till she is about 1 year old has beautiful and even white teeth.

Baby Jay seldom wakes up at night for feeding. Even if he does, he just want me to hug or sleep with us. I guess he likes the comfort and warmth of sleeping with us in our bed. He is chatty and babbling although we could not understand him. He still in his baby talk, but he starts to say "dada" (daddy), "mum mum" (eat) and "nen nen" (milk). Yes. Yes. He did call "mummy" first. Lol!

He is growing to look more like his big sister. I could not help it, but both kids do not look much like me! What can I say? hahaha!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Good memory or good reading

What a laugh!

Every night without fail, Princess Jan will do her reading before heading to bed. It has been a routine since she was young and even becoming her habit after she gone to school last year. She can recognises words and able to read her favourite books without my supervision. Sometimes I have to buy new books for her so she would not get bored of reading the same books all over again.

Anyway, last night is another night that she did her reading. She took a book that she did not read for weeks. As I was busy with Baby Jay she read the books all by herself. I myself know most of the pages since I read it with her too. I was commeting to Big J aloud that how good Princess was. She can read all the pages although some words she did not recognised. I was saying to Big J either she is really good at reading or having good memory. And guess what? While reading a sentence, Princess still managed to answer my question and said "Good memory, mummy" and continued with her reading! Lol! I laughed at her remark!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Both kids are down with running noses. And I have to go away for two days two nights. How relunctant to leave them behind.....sigh!

This morning, I brought Princess and Baby Jay to doctor and since both have running noses and sniff only, doctor only prescribed flu syrup to them. I guess they got the virus from Big J who has been sick since he was back from Sibu early this week. Gosh! I hate sick babies as it is pretty hard to look after them. They have difficulty in breathing when they have running noses and hard to sleep at night.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Little owl

My boy is like an explorer, crawling here and there around the house, destroying, messing and biting things up. So it is very important to keep all those small things away from his reach.

I have to keep reminding Princess to keep her toys especially small blocks away so Baby Jay would not take and put into his mouth. Ever when I am away and play some cartoons for him, he would only watch for few seconds than start exploring again. He cannot stay still in a place for a second. Sigh!

When at night when everyone is too tired and lying in the bed, Baby Jay would still crawl away from the mattress (we laid our mattress on the floor now). The more you call him, the more he crawls away from you. The most he would just turn back and smile at you. *Lol* Even my princess is fast asleep while her baby brother still very active after 10pm. Sometimes Baby Jay would only doze off around 11pm. I guess he has good sleep during the day, so he is hyperactive at night.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Big J would be driving to Sibu tomorrow morning to help SIL with her new shop. He would be there for 4 days. Since I have not enough hands in the shop, I would be putting my Baby Jay in baby sitter's house while Big J is away.

So it will only me and Princess at home over the weekend. At least I am not totally alone while hubby and son are not around.....sigh! Just wish could turn the clock faster to next Monday.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Raincoat during rainy days

This is a present from a friend of ours. Hello Kitty raincoat for Princess. Remember I brought my Princess along for a wedding reception early this month? Apparently a friend of ours spilled some wain on my princess and as you know, red wine stain is pretty hard to get rid of.

Fortunately I brought along a sweater so my Princess did not need to wear the stained dress throughout the reception. Anyway, this friend bought her a raincoat as consolation. Cutie don't you think? It fits her nicely.

It has been wet lately so this raincoat comes handy! Lol!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Full house

Since my SIL went to KL a week ago, my Princess has moved back with us. It means she is sleeping on our bed. Yes! Like my Princess always say, "We are family in the room".

Princess in her cheeky manner pulling out the middle part of the car cushion and sitting on it with seat belt.

She did not want to sleep in her aunt's empty room. Our maid has moved into another bedroom so Princess would be alone if she is to sleep in the room.

Just the other night, she was commenting to me that I need to wash her pillow case as it smells. Hmm, it reminded me that it has been over a month I did not wash her pillow case, so I said "Yes" to her. And then guess what she told me. She also told me to wash her favourite bear as it also smell and it needs a bath. Okay, I told her I will do it for her but with promise that she would not look for her bear at night as the bear would not dry in a day. From the weather now, there is usually shower in the afternoon.

So far so good. She can sleep without her bear. Hmm, wonder whether it is about time to get rid of her smelly bear? When we went to Korea early this month for a week, she did not have any problem sleeping without her bear. Actually we forgot to bring the bear along. She did ask for it on first night, but then she did fine without it.
My going to be 1 year old son....with 8 teeth and cheeky expression.

As for Baby Jay he is going to turn 1 year old next month on 25th. Maybe a dinner at my BIL's cafe, with Big J's family and my family. Nothing grand unlike Princess Jan I hope. As I aged, I hardly like big occasions.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double Wins

As promised I have download the newspaper clips of our winning in the H&L Treasure Hunt last Sunday.

The prizes we won. Of course we divided among 4 of us.

Newspaper clips in Chinese newspaper. Can see clearly Big J and myself there.

Another worth mentioning is my Princess's latest achievement in school. She has finally conquered her "ghost" and go up to the stage for first time in school this morning in her Bahasa Malaysia speaking competition. Although a little hesitation at one point, she managed to go through it. I am proud of her. Don't know whether she will go through the final or not, but I am happy that she has finally able to go up to the stage and talk. I guess our winning last Sunday motivated her as she told me she wanted to win something in the competition. Lol!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


As if I do not know how to read, my Princess always reminded me to be careful on the road. She will tell me to turn here and there, buckle up or drive slowly. And when ever she sees a road sign, she will tell me what it means.

Princess: Mummy, you see there. Awas!
Me: Oh, you know how to read it?
Princess: Yes.
Me: How to spell "Awas"?
Princess A- W - A - S. Awas.
Me : What does it mean?
Princess: It means danger, mummy. So you need to be careful.

Hmm, I did not realise my daughter can recognises words spontaneously. I am impressed.

Monday, July 5, 2010

A call from teacher

I got a call from Princess' class teacher this afternoon while sending my Indonesian maid for a medical check up. Her teacher, Ms J is persuading me to encourage my Princess to compete in the upcoming Bahasa Malaysia speaking competition.

As I was commenting on my daughter's lack of confidence in previous post, Ms J called me up today to discuss on this matter. I told Ms J that I cannot think of better way to get her to go to the stage and speak up as for the whole year last year and this year, she has not been competiting in any of the competitions held. Even with my presence, she would not want to go to the stage and compete. It is totally different story when she is out of school. All the chattiness and "kaypoh-ness" come out. It is like she is totally a different girl when she is at school, I told Ms J.

Ms J said Princess is a very talented girl and able to read in what was taught, but Ms J is concerned about her confidence level. Should I be worry at this stage? I do not know whether I should because I know deep inside her, she is a talkative and clever girl. Sigh! How to motivate her? Maybe I will continue to talk to her about the competition which is next week from tonight onward and hopefully it changes her mind. How to shape the confidence in a 4 years old girl? It is not like she has no confidence but I do not know why it would not come out from her once step into school. I would not want this to persist when she goes to primary school which is 3 years away.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lack of confidence

I am doubtful about my Princess but I guess when she is in school, she is totally a different person. Not like her usual self. The confident and independent 4 years old.

I collected her last semester report, and her class teacher commented Princess is very obedient and good in academic aspect. However she is lack of confidence especially in social and public speaking aspects. Hmm, I have no doubt about her learning, but she striked me as a very out-spoken girl at home. I guess once she is in school, she becomes very reserved and does not talk much. That is one thing about Princess. She can be well behaved when she wants to. And I mean she can keep things to herself.

Now that she is grown up she has her own thinking and attitude. Hard to teach her nowadays since I started operating my shop. Only able to meet up with her when she is in the shop in the evening when Big J pick up the kids. I missed reading to her. And I definitely missed teaching her. Just hope after I settle down and train my workers well, I would be able to relax a bit and catch some quality times with my 2 kids.

However I am happy with Princess' improvement especially in Chinese language. She is able to converse in Mandarin now and recognise some words. Her aunt bought her a Chinese Kindergarden exercise book recently and being an eager reader, she brought her new book to my shop. As usual she will write, scribble and read her book to me. And when she asked me how to read some word, I have to reply her that I am "banana" (do not read Chinese). She knows that I cannot read Chinese and yet she keeps asking me on Chinese words. Instead she have to teach me. Big J even amazed that she able to recognise some words. Just need to improve her pronounciation a bit. Because she still sound alien when speak Chinese. Like the "ang moh" speak Chinese, you get me?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Forgot about it

I just remember it! Supposed to go to Princes J's school to collect her report card and meet her class teacher on Friday but I totally forgotten about it till now! My plan is to get to know the teacher since I have never meet up with her and inquire on Princess' development in class. But alas! Got to wait for another semester.

I guess the teacher will put all the past semester's works and report card in Princess' bag next week, like what they did previously if parents cannot meet up for the Parents-Teachers Day.

One thing that I will not forget would be Baby Jay's next vaccination which is due sometimes next week. Must set reminder in my handphone. Since opening the shop, I have short term memory, so a reminder would be good in case I forgetting things. *wink*

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holiday blues not over

First day in school after been off for a month, my Princess Jan has some crying act on Monday.

As usual I woke her up around 730am, brushed her teeth and gave her milk then gone to attend to Baby Jay who is getting very active. Princess Jan always slow in finishing her milk, so I never bother her much on that. Just when everyone was almost ready to go out on Monday, my Princess suddenly with wet and red eyes came to me and said she did not want to go to school.

Sh*t! She usually like that after went back to hometown and laid off for so long. So after much coaxing from us and crying from her, we managed to persuade her to go to school. Still in the car, she tried to make us change our mind of sending her to school. To make her felt better, I assigned her to one assignment! Her assignment? To tell me who cry on first day of school!! Lol!

Anyway to cut the story short, when we reached her school, Big J accompanied her to her classroom since I am with Baby Jay in the car. Boo! A big cry from her once she was in the class. Not much we can do, so we left her in the good hand of her teacher.

So in the evening, I asked her about her assignment. Anyone cry? "No" was her reply. Only her that cried. Lol! Anyway, she felt better yesterday and back to her normal self. This morning she was happily jumping down from the car. I guess she is doing fine, just a little blue that hit her.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

From hometown

Once a while, MIL will send MMS to my mobile. Pictures of my Princess. So far she has been good girl, helping around the canteen.

Why she wanted to wear that auntie's old glass?

Child slave! :p

Friday, June 11, 2010

Where is she?

My princess has gone back to hometown since last month. She has been there for 2 weeks. Since I busy with my shop, I did not call and talk to her much. However my MIL did MMS her picture to me. She has grown up a lot. Or probably because her absence make me feel like she has grown up???

School holiday is ending next week. She will be back next Friday. When asked whether she wanted to come back, she replied that she would not want to. I guess her life is good over there with both grandparents pampering her. My only wish is that she would behave well when she is back. The last time she came back from long holiday, she has bring back some bad habits with her. Sigh!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Early holiday for Princess

My Princess Jan is now in Kapit. Yes, she followed her grandma back this morning. At first she did not want to go back as she knew that my shop is opening soon and she wants to be a part of it. However I told her that the shop will be ready when she is back in 2 weeks time. So this morning she happily jumped into Big J's car and waved goodbye.

On Thursday I told her class teacher on her taking earlier holiday. School holiday only started next week but since it is almost the end of semester so the teacher granted Princess her early holiday. Furthermore Princess still not fully recovered from her cough. So hopefully Kapit's fresh air and environment would do her good.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My kids

I came back late last night. Flight delayed from 740pm to 8.30pm. Damn tired and frustrated due to the delay but the pilot reported some cabin problem on our original plane and we were diverted to a bigger plane that was bounded for Phuket. At least I reached home safe! I managed to catch the live telecast of Thomas Cup semi final between Malaysia and China. Almost everyone in the airport glued their eyes on the match between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. Alas, we lost again!

Anyway, when I reached home my kids were sound asleep. When little gal woke up this morning I gave her her present. A magic cube! I remember playing this cube when I was young. Suppose to stimulate your brain and good for brain development. So my princess is happily accepting her present and play with it. 3 for RM10 so I bought one for her, one for Big J and one for Princess's cousin Chloe.

My kids in their pyjamas posing in Baby Jay's bed. Aren't they cute?

The bigger Baby Jay is, the more he looks like his sister. Don't you think so? Even the smile too! Lol!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

News from home

If there is anything to surprise me, it would be this. Big J is writing a blog! Yes! His own blog.

He told me over the phone the other night. When asked what content would his blog me, he did not want to tell me. Have to wait till I go back this weekend and check out on his blog. Hmm! He told me before that he would like to create his own blog, maybe on his interests and hobbies but never thought he really get down to it.

Last Saturday Baby Jay was down with tonsilitis. He was brought to see doctor and doctor confirmed it was tonsilitis. Luckily he is getting well now. Make me sick with worry over here. Now I could not wait to go home and check on him! No need to worry too much on Princess, since my SIL is back from hometown. Baby Jay has been put at baby sitter's till I am back. Just wish that Friday would be here fast.....counting down!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Hair Cut

Baby Jay has his first hair cut today and it takes 2 persons to hold him still and 1 to cut his hair. Now he looks like a little monk with the new hair!

The ever cheeky Baby Jay with his new hair cut!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Checking out the facilities

Since we got the keys to our new house last month, we have been driving to and forth almost every day to its clubhouse. Yes, we have a clubhouse and we have to pay for its maintenance!

The clubhouse has swimming pool for adult and children, a jacuzzi, gym and bbq pit. Last Sunday we brought Princess to the swimming pool. How she loves it. I wonder when we really move in, would we be that hardworking to go to the swimming pool? *wink* Just a thought.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy birthday, Princess!

Today is her day,
She was born 4 years ago this date,
It just feels like yesterday,
But with one blink she is 4 years old girl.

We love you, Princess!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some goodies wrapping

Princess Jan's birthday is few days away. To celebrate her 4th birthday we decided to get everyone in Princess' class some goodies. So this morning we were busy hunting down some children favourites in supermarket.

And Princess being a busybody as well as good helper, would not want to miss out in the whole process. So she helped in putting some goodies in the plastic wrappers and tied them up.

Total 30 goodies. Asked Princess how many friends in her class, she replied twenty. Just to be safe, we wrapped 30 goodies to be brought to school on wednesday. :)

My princess is taking a break after the hard work. To treat her for been good girl, we brought her to the swimming pool in our club house and same time, shown her the new house.

As for my Baby Jay, he is exactly 8 months old baby. While everyone busy with the wrapping work, he was just minding his own business, eating his baby bites in the walker since he was banned from getting near us.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sign of first teeth

Noticed (I should said "felt") his teeth this week! Yes. The sign of teeth is on his bottom gum. He has slight fever today but after given panadol, his fever slightly subside.

Baby Jay also not in his good behaviour today. Probably because of the teeth makes him uncomfortable. He did not want to drink much and fussing around the whole day. Hopefully a good night sleep tonight would do him good. I do not have much problem when Princess has her teething. She acted normally and no fever except for the drooling and biting stuff. So I am still not that experienced in dealing with a fussy teething baby.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Her poo business

Every evening after picking Princess up from baby sitter, it is my habit to ask her on her day in school. What did she do, what teacher said, which books she read, etc. And Princess will entertain me with her school activities. It is fun listening to her, like yesterday.

Would you believe me when I told you for the first time in her schooling days, she actually did her fist "big business" in school yesterday morning? Yes, she did it for the first time since she gone to school last year. She has some bowel problem for past few days, did not poo at home and in baby sitter's house for about 3 days. So during the weekend I fed her some dragon fruits. Her baby sitter kept feeding her some bananas and potatoes but she still did not poo last week. However after consuming many dragon fruits she did not do her business at home. So last resort, I gave her some Chlorella. One tablet in the morning and one in the evening since Sunday.

And yesterday once reached home, she asked for the "green vitamin" from me. *wink* So back to the poo story in school, she has the urge to go to toilet when we sent her to school yesterday morning. So I told the attendant that she needed to go to toilet for her "big business" and I left her there.

In the evening time, my Princess told me the whole story.....

Princess: I poo this morning in school, mummy.
Me: Good. Many?
Princess: I don't know. I did not see.

(Princess has the tendency to count her poos each time she gone to toilet and will say either they are big or small. Lol!)

Me: Okay. Never mind. Who clean for you?
Princess: No one. Teacher is busy in the morning with other children. I used toilet paper to clean myself.
Me: Oh. Good. Did you flush?
Princess: No.
Me: Why?
Princess: Because it is too high. I cannot reach it.
Me: Okay. Did you wash your hand with soap after that?
Princess: I used water only, no soap in school.

Okay, it may not look perfect in school but at least she knows what to do and how to take care of herself.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Turning 8 months

I feel guilty of not taking much photographs of Baby Jay. When Princess Jan arrived, we spent a time every month to take snaps of her till she was 1 year old. So it was a pity that we did not do so for Baby Jay.

My Princess loves to dig into old albums of her; she never bored of seeing her photographs. Then she will made comment about Baby Jay's photos. I did not developed any of baby's photographs so far; mostly save in pc.

This is one of the rare pictures I took of Baby Jay recently in his walker. He enjoying himself in the walker, exploring around the house. However I only allowed him to do so for few minutes. People said it is not so good for young baby to walk in walker, something to do with his backbone and slow walking skill.

As usual, Princess Jan would not want to be missed out in any photo-taking, so without asking her, she will just stood in front and pose for the photographs.....So most Baby Jay's photographs will have his sister in them.

Baby Jay is going to be 8 months old baby end of the month. I started to feed him plain porridge with carrot and broccoli; and cereal added into his milk. He has not yet develop any teeth. I heard that babies taking teether or pacifier tend to grow teeth faster. Is that the reason why Baby Jay did not have teeth yet? He does not fancy any teethers or pacifiers although like other ordinary babies, he tends to grab on anything and put into mouth.

He is getting stronger; can stand and sit straight. He also can move forward pretty fast. So,should I need to do something, I have to put him in his bed. I know he is safer in there. Lol!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday's cat nap

It has been a while I did not post pictures of my children. Busy! And no camera to spare. I was testing Big J's new phone camera and great! I always love Sony Ericsson Cybershot phone.

I did not adjust the setting so somehow the pictures did not turned out sharp, but nevertheless I have some pictures for memory sake.

And what better than to take the two children taking their afternoon nap. A lazy Sunday, sleeping, eating and watching tv. My kind of Sunday! Lol!

Baby Jay now slightly rely on craddle as he is used in babysitter's house. After I came back from my 2 weeks training, I have tough time to get him sleep during the first few nights. Need to rely on craddle to put him to sleep. Before this, he just sleeps in his bed at nights. But now, I have to make him sleep first in the "sarong" then transfer him over to his bed once he dozes off.

As for my Princess Jan, this is her sleeping position. I have hard time to get her covered as she always kick her blanket off even when she was in deep sleep. And I am evenly impressed by her sleeping location as she can turn to 180 or 90 degree. Now that she shares same bed with me and Big J, both of us having hard time sleeping as either we been slapped, kicked or got fright by her. Lol!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Generous heart

In one of the conversations I had with princess today:

Princess Jan: Mummy, mama (her baby sitter) doesn't have any more money.
Me: Why?
Princess: Of course. Because she buys a lot of thing, so no more money.
Me: Buy for who?
Princess: For che che (baby sitter's daughter).
Me: Oh, I see.
Princess: Yes, so we have to give mama money.
Me: Who told you that mama doesn't have money?
Princess: Mama. Mummy, we must give money to mama.
(going to her coin box and show to me)
Princess: Tomorrow I bring this coin box and give mama, can or not?
Me: Okay (giggling)

That is very kind of Princess Jan. I believe that her che che is going to Form 6 soon so probably that is why baby sitter buys some school stuff for her. I am just touched with my Princess's generous heart. At least she shows some kindness at young age, right? I am proud of her.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Demanding for a present

Princess' birthday is few weeks away and she has been reminding everyone in the house of her birthday. And her aunt was telling me over the phone last night about what Princess Jan told her before she was off to KL last weekend.

SIL: You know what sis, your princess told me to buy her a present.
Me: Is it? Why?
SIL: Because of her birthday loh. She said her birthday is in April so she wants a present
Me: Cheeky girl.
SIL: And guess what she ask for? A handbag!
Me: Huh? I just recently bought her one pink handbag from KL.
SIL: Yes. And she told me she wants a bag for her birthday. And not any bad, but a handbag. Like mummy's one, she said.
Me: Oh dear.
SIL: I wonder where should I get her a handbag in KL!! And when I told mum (my mother-in-law) about it, she almost want to faint. hahaha!

Oh well, that is my princess. Soon she will be 4 years old girl. How time flies. And Big J was commenting to me this morning that he feels his daughter is growing too fast. She grows too fast, acts and thinks like adult. And she is getting demanding and materialistic too. Lol.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My 2 kids

We got Princess Jan's report card for the first semester. She was doing fine in school. She starts her Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics and Chinese classes. The teacher commented that she is doing well academically, but social-wise, she needs some confidence to interact with her peers.

I am proud of her. She is a smart girl, but when it comes to school, she tends to shy away and stay to her self. It takes time for her to be cozy with her surrounding. It was the same thing during her last year session, so this time round, I bet it is only time that tell her when she will start to miggle around with her new friends.

Baby Jay is 7 months old baby. He started to stand on his knees and turning pretty fast. Soon, I would need to put his knee caps when he know how to crawl on his knees.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

School holiday almost over

School is just a day away. I have ironed Princess's 2 sets of school uniform. Get ready her socks from Monday to Friday. Ready her swimming suit in a paper bag on Tuesday, and gym wear for her Thursday class. Hmm, I do not think I missed out anything.

Big J is going to take over from me for the next 2 weeks. My usual weekday morning routine would be passing down to him. Hopefully he would be getting ready Princess Jan in time for her school. *I wander, I wander*

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is right for the kids?

I guess when it comes to making decision for the children, it is never right or wrong.

Big J has been nagging about sending Princess back to hometown while I am away this weekend for 2 weeks. School holiday will be over soon and school is reopening next week. He has been nagging of sending her back to be with the grandparents for the whole 2 weeks. And of course it sounds like I am selfish or heartless of not sending my Princess home. She needs to attend school. It may be pre-school but I would want to instill discipline into her at young age.

After much debate, finally Big J gave in. Princess will be attending her school in the morning and baby sitter bring her back and look after her till her daddy comes to pick her after work. As for Baby Jay he will be staying overnight at Baby sitter's house. Only twice a week Big J will bring him home. Baby at his age recognises place and people well. Just recently after our Korea trip for a week, he was making noises and crying for 2 nights. So hopefully after 2 weeks, he would still recognise his mummy. Lol!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The bad bugs

It is that time of the year. Hot and super hot. Like sauna even in our air-conditional room.

Both kids have dates with the sick bugs. First Princess Jan. And then Baby Jay. And the next minute you know, Princess is sniffing and coughing again. Everything in a circle. Just when one kid is getting better, the other kid got the bugs. Oh dear. And the weather does not help either. I noticed my Baby Jay is pretty sensitive to heat as he sweats a lot. Or is it the medicine? My mum said it may be due to him consuming medicine, that is why he sweating. Even in mild temperature in the room, he can sweat and wet his clothing. I guess that is why he keeps crying and turning around. Lol!

My two kids. Aren't they growing up so fast? One is turning 4 years old end of next month and the little baby is going to 7 month old end of this month. Oh dear! And it means I am getting older~

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby jabs

This is back dated post. Why? Because I were super busy last week. And how time flies. One blink, and the day is gone.

A bit of update of my Baby Jay. Better get down to it before I procastinating and forget the whole thing again. Baby Jay is 6 months old baby, exactly last month on 24 February. I also forgotten to bring him for his 6 month old jab, until my mum reminded me last Monday. So you can see how busy I were.

So on Tuesday night (after procastinating for a night), we finally brought Baby Jay to his paed. Baby Jay, Princess Jan and myself waiting in the hall while Big J and father-in-law sitting and "yam cha" in the coffee shop next door. Luckily we did not need to wait long since only 2 queues in front of us. So after interrogation by the doctor on Baby Jay's progress we proceeded with the Hepatitis B jab.

And I was equally surprised as the doctor that Baby Jay did not mumbled any sound during the injection. Cool baby! Doctor's remark. He did not wail, cry or scream. One tough cookie, my Baby Jay! I wonder whether it would be the same in the next jab which would be when he is 9 months old? I hope I would not forget his jab again. Must save reminder in my mobile phone. *wink*

Baby Jay can turn easily now. An expert in that. 180 degree (turn to stomach, then turn to his back again). And he started to move backward and turning around too. One minute in one location on the mattress, the next minute you come back to him, he was nearly on the hard floor. Oh well, it is precaution time. Soon, he will start to take baby step in moving forward!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Busy ahead

Since back from Korea, we have been extremely busy. Busy with family and work.

Big J is going to start his housing construction soon. Meeting with land owner, relevant authorities and contractors, he is going to be a developer of houses in the next few weeks. I am proud of him. He has been taking interest in property for the past one year. Although not that fruitful (in term of selling properties) but he has met few benevolent people, and ended up as now. So, I hope that everything will be a sail for him in next few months.

As for myself, I have been very busy with my works, renting out shoplots. Probably it is after CNY, everyone started to take more interest in properties and retails.
So, every day I were bombarded with phone calls, meeting at the site and closing the deals. Today is my first day at the new office. Yes, we have moved to the new site. Everything is not ready, but thank god there is internet connection. I cannot think of anything without internet, blogs and facebook. Lol!

Other than that, I am still waiting for news from the other company. Supposed to give me a call soon for training in KL. Once I have confirmation from the other side, then I would be resigning from my current job. They did called me once before CNY for training in February but I could not make it as I just came back from Korea and there are things to be settled before moving on. So hopefully the next call would be timely and everything goes according to plan.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Remember her Korean

It has been a week since our trip in Korea. Sometimes I will look back at all those photographs taken and think back of the sweet times we had there. Besides seeing and touching snow for the first time, my Princess Jan also managed to get something there. A necklace with amethyst pendant from Amethyst shop from her grandma.

Thinking back of that day, Big J and I were busy looking at amethyst pendants in the shop. MIL said we need to get amethyst gem so we have better luck this year. So, with that mission in mind, we were busy hunting suitable pendants that day. Sob sob! We put a big hole in my credit card, about RM2000 spent on our pendants and necklaces. However my MIL gave me a RM210 amethyst ring as a gift after that. Lol! And I bought few amethyst for my mum and sis too.

Back to Princess Jan. When she saw all the jewellery, she immediately told her aunt that she wants to buy a necklace. And her aunt cleverly asked her to ask her grandma to buy. So after finally chosen the one that she likes (a love-shaped pendant with amethyst in the centre, and a necklace) she happily displayed it to her 2 cousins there. Then suddenly she sadly told her grandma that she did not have a ring and bracelet. Faint! Almost everyone there wanted to faint. Luckily no one pamper her, so a necklace is enough.

Besides a necklace, Princess also master some Korean words such as “How are you?” (An yo ha say yo), “Thank you” (Kam sa ha mi da), and “I love you” (sa la hey). Last night we went to a Korean shop in 101 Premier. Since it was still early for our Chap Goh Mei dinner at my BIL’s cafĂ©, we thought of dropping by the Korean shop to browse on some food. I tested on Princess to see whether she remembers her Korean. She still remember! The lady in the counter was giggling at her greeting in Korean language. Lol!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Princess in Korea

New poses from my little princess. I just found out her new poses in Korea! Head tilted to the side(about 45 degree) and say 'Hi" while smiling in front of the camera. Yes, that is her new style.

Isn't she cute in those jacket? Her new nickname was "pink penguin" when was in Korea.

She does know how to pose for camera. Probably the next top Malaysian model??

More photos here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

First family overseas vacation

The long wait family vacation is just a couple of days away. Yes! We would be flying off to Korea and celebrating our Chinese New Year there. Hubby, myself, litle gal, my parents-in-law, hubby's sister, hubby's brother and SIL. Plus hubby's cousin and family. A total of 9 adults and 3 children. My PILs are eager to bring their granddaughter to see snow for the first time in Korea. The Ling family’s first vacation (may it be domestic or overseas).

End of last year my PILs were deciding between cruise or Korea, but in the end, they decided to go to Korea instead. One, is we have never been to Korea, second, we want to enjoy the winter there, third, sight-seeing and finally, the tickets are almost equivalent to the cruise packages so it would be more fun to go Korea than go cruising! Maybe cruise would be our next year’s itinerary.

Heard it is pretty freezing in Korea at this time of the year. Temperature can go down to Zero and minus degree Celsius. So, winter clothing is a must buy and pack for the trip. For first time, we are going to experience winter. And I must not miss the opportunity to try out skiing there. :) Baby Jay would be put in baby sitter’s house while we are away. However, my parents will be picking him up from time to time during the CNY. At least he has his maternal grandparents and aunt and uncle in Kuching.

Stay tune to our Korea trip. Expect a lot of photographs when we come back. We would like to wish everyone A Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi, Gong Xi.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

She can wash her clothing

I have a laugh last night when Big J told me about the morning event. It goes like this.....

As usual, every morning, I was rushing like a mad cow, getting ready for my work while getting both kids ready before I gone out. So, the morning went as usual yesterday. I was preparing milk for Princess Jan and went on with other chore. Around 7.40am, I went to work, leaving Princess Jan in the living room. Usually she will wave goodbye to me, but yesterday she just sit on the sofa bending very low.

When I was gone, Big J came down with Baby Jay, getting ready to send the children. There he noticed Princess acting suspiciously, walking from the kitchen to living room. When asking her what was she doing, she did not reply, but holding tight to her school uniform. After much questioning, finally she showed her dad her uniform! There! Milk stain on her uniform! A lot of stain. I did not close the lid properly and her milk was staining her uniform.

So my clever princess went to wash her own uniform. She was trying to clean her stain by pouring water from the sink and rubbing her uniform. And Big J was having a laugh of his life. Finally out of desperation, Big J has to hand wash her uniform, iron it out and put onto her as her other uniform was in Baby sitter's house.

There! A little twist of what should be another normal morning.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flip Flop

He did it himself! I am proud of him!

Yes, Baby Jay can turn his body and lie on his stomach. But on 2 occasions I missed out his turning process. On both occasions, it was in the bedroom on my big king sized bed. I was cleaning his milk bottle and when I entered the room, there he was! On his stomach!

And Big J was excited when I told him he can flip over that Big J asked Baby Jay to flip for him to see. But no matter what, Baby Jay would not do in front of our eyes. Hahah!! So it is better not to force him, right? Let he practises and learns naturally. Hopefully the next time he does it, I would be able to video the whole process. *smile*

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hope he likes it

I bought Nestle Baby Cereal for Baby Jay. His baby sitter commented that Baby Jay did not feel full and keeps asking milk every 2 hours. I thought a 5-months plus baby still drink every 2 hours. But his baby sitter said to try giving him some cereals to his milk, so he would be fuller.

I bought him rice stage 1 for 6 months old baby. Thinking of it, Baby Jay is going to be 6 months old end of this month. How time flies!! I remember I gave cereals to Princess when she was that age but she never like it. I hope Baby Jay would love it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poor girl

On and off encounter with virus!! She is still not feeling well. My Princess did not go to babysitter today as she was complaining that she was not feeling well this morning.

I was surprised to see her at home when I went back for lunch. Btw, I am working whole day on Saturdays. She was seen sitting on her stool in front of TV eating her porridge (cooked by my SIL). As I was leaving, she told me quietly she did not want the vegetables (my SIL put broccoli and carrot in the porridge), and my SIL overheard her. So got a scolding from her. She must finished her bowl of porridge, my SIL said. Lol!

Anyway, she has not been well lately. Her previous medicine has finished last week. Just when we thought she was fine, I heard her coughing lightly yesterday. Even her baby sitter commented that she has slight fever and cough yesterday morning after picking her from school. Probably she got the virus from school. She also did not want to go to school. If have good excuses, she will tell me she did not want to go to school. Sigh! Kids. At such young age, they did not want to go to school.

Well, we will be gone for our vacation in 1 week time, so I would not want Princess Jan to fall sick again. If she still not feeling okay by this evening, must take her see doctor again.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Looking at the kids

Looking at my 2 kids, I feel like I have accomplished half of what I should have done on earth. Proud mum of 2 adorable kids, but sometimes they can make me pull my hair and blood boiling. Most of the times, looking at their faces, all stresses and bad moods are gone.

Big J and I shared responsibilities of taking care of each kid. Big J and Princess Jan used to quarrel a lot, but now that Princess Jan is grown up, she hardly talk back. She still sleep with her aunt. We let her be. She has grown attached to her aunt lately.

As for Baby Jay, he is getting more active. I having backaches from carrying him around. Babysitter is telling me to get some baby cereal for Baby Jay as she noticed that he keeps asking for milk every 2 hours. Look like he is not getting enough from his milk. So I must reminded myself to hunt for baby cereal this weekend.

It is tough to allocate equal time for both kids. I feel guilty of not spending time with my Princess and hardly got time to check on her schooling. Big J is too busy with his work, he hardly have time for the kids, not to mention me! However I do reminded Big J from time to time that we must have a "family day", i.e. on Sunday. All handphones are off and no appointments on Sunday. Fair enough, right?

So on Sunday, we will go to church and breakfast in the morning. Then spending time in front of tv or lazy in the room. Nothing special but I like the feeling of everyone together.

It may be hard to take care of 2 kids. But the smiles they show on the faces and when they call you "mummy", the feeling is great. I am sure all mothers would feel the same.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The lion head

Chinese New Year is 2 weeks away. Have you make the necessary preparation? I remember that when I was young, I was excited when I thought of CNY. Firstly, because of ang pow. Yeah, who could resist not receiving ang pow as a child?

Secondly, because we get to buy new clothing and the feeling of helping around the house and in the kitchen in getting everything ready for the CNY. I missed those day. But as I get older, I no longer look forward to CNY. Now I understand my mum's anxiety when CNY is around the corner.....

For children, any festival would be good. For them, it means fun and togetherness. It is true for my Princess Jan. For her, CNY means that she will be meeting her grandparents. Her grandparents pampered and idolised her. So, it makes her a spoil brat sometimes. But they love her anyway. *laugh*

Besides her grandparents, her aunt and uncle also adore her. Like her uncle specially bought her a lion head and drum for her to play. Supposed to be put up at my BIL's cafe as decoration, but it ended up remaining at home and becomes Princess Jan's play toy. I don't mind her playing with the lion head, but not the drum. Because she is making too much noise, and I worry that neighbours will complain besides making Baby Jay awakes from his naps.

If she is lonely, she will either get her aunt or uncle to play with her. Either they play the drum and she running around with the lion head trying to do some lion dance performance. Lol!

Aren't she looks cute??

Friday, January 29, 2010

Raise in salary

This morning my baby sitter requested for a raise of RM150. And it means that from RM600, I would need to pay RM750 from this month onward. Hmm, I guess it justify everything.

Firstly, everything increases in price, so it is reasonable and fair for her to ask for such raise. Secondly she is taking care of my 2 kids and I do not have any complains so far. Thirdly besides looking after my 5 months old Baby Jayden, every weekday she needs to pick my princess from her school, so I need to chip in some for her petrol. *wink*

So, I guess RM750 for taking care of 2 kids is reasonable. What do you think??

Monday, January 25, 2010

School issues again

This morning my princess shown her "kolian" face again. Plus the sneeze and cough. Which are real. I noticed her coughing and sneezing yesterday, and she woke up this morning with them. So she quietly told me that she did not want to go to school. And she show me by sneezing. Sigh!

Well, I allow her to be absent since she is not 100% well. And once I gave her my green light, she lighted up. And Big J? He was shaking his head and told me "You the one who permitted her to off today."

Well, with last Wednesday's absenteeism and Friday morning's drama, Princess Jan still continue with her "don't want to go to school" act but since she is really not 100% well, I would not want her to get worse if she gone to school today. And being a responsible parent, I would not want other children to get contacted with sickness.

Last week, her dad gave her "off day" without valid reason. But today, she is really flu and cough so it is a good reason not to bring her to school. If she did not recover by this evening, I would have to bring her to see doctor. Sigh! One by one. Baby Jay still recovering from his sickness and now, his big sister's turn. Headaches.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 months old

Yes, Baby Jay is 5 months old today. He is growing handsomely....Lol! We will bring him for his vaccination later in the evening. Hopefully like previous visit, he would not cause a fuss and cry..

Friday, January 22, 2010


If there is anyone to be blamed, it would be Big J! He did not sent Princess to school on Wednesday. Reason? He was too lazy to sent her to school. He said he gave Princess Jan two choices; either go to school or rest at home. And been cheeky, you guess which option my daugther choose?

So, Big J gave Princess a break and followed her uncle and aunt to cafe. While I were away, the whole schedule gone hay-wired. Imagine if I am away for more than a week. Does that mean Princess Jan will be off for a week too?

So come this morning, Princess didn't want to go to school. Even after much persuasion and scolding from me, she still did not want to go to school. I gave up and since I need to go to work, I rushed out leaving her with her aunt. But thank god she finally decided to go to school 30 minutes after I left.

Princess is going to turn 4 in 3 months time. Terrible 3! I wonder what happens when she turns 4? For better or worse? I don't want to think about it for now.

It has been almost a month now. Princess Jan did not sleep with us in our bedroom. She sleeps with her aunt. Hmm, she is getting more stubborn as the day passed and have her own mindset and attitude. Been spoiled by the grandparents, uncle and aunties. Every time I scold her, she will run to her aunt or lock herself in the room. Sigh!

Monday, January 18, 2010

She knows better than you

One thing she is so good at is nagging! Sometimes I wonder who is the mother here!!

She will starts her sentences with "How many times do I have to tell you...." and "Do not do that again". She is getting long-winded too, keeps repeating her sentences till we told her to stop.

There was one time when her aunt brought her to have dinner at The Sugarbun. My SIL ordered the rice with broasted chicken and soft drink. She almost finished the rice and chicken. She drank few sips of soft drink. However when my SIL wanted to drink the soft drink, Princess Jan told her not to drink a lot. "Do not drink too much, aunt. It has sugar. You will died if you drink it". Her aunt almost fainted listening to her. Lol!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Don't know Mode

Maybe it is a transition, or maybe my little Princess is just plain lazy to answer questions. Children can be mischevous sometimes, and they just like to play jokes on adults.

My Princess Jan can act and talk like adult sometimes, but other days, she pretends she did not hear the questions or simply answer us "I don't know". I know she knows the answer, but she just answer me with "I don't know". Er, feel like slapping her butt for saying that.

Me: How was your first dancing class, Princess?
Princess: I don't know.
Me: What do you mean you don't know. What did you do?
Princess: I don't know.
Me: Alright. Did teacher teach you how to move your feet?
Princess: No. Teacher ask us to sit and roll the ball to friends.

Er, I wonder if she is in the right class??? Never mind, I try again next week when she goes to her 2nd dancing class.

Friday, January 15, 2010

First dancing class

My princess is going to have her dancing class this afternoon. I wonder whether she would be enjoying her first dancing class or not. I wish I could sneak out from work and take a glimpse of her in school......Hmm, I am sure soon she will become a ballerina and showing off her dancing skill to us at home.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am very like it!

One of Princess Jan's speech errors that I find irritating. "I very like it, mummy", "I am very love you" etc. I know she is trying to say "I like it very much" or "I love you very much", but after I corrected her twice, she still cannot get rid of this grammar quirk.

I know that she is just a little kid and learning is a long journey for her. But a good start is the best. I would like her to use the correct grammar and pick up correctly.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sucking job

Baby Jay is now 4 months plus baby. He is weighing around 7.4kg. Mummy is not strong enough to carry him around. Lol!!

He simply loves to put anything in his mouth and start sucking. From his blanket, fingers,toys to anything that he can grab. There were times when I caught him sucking his blanket till that part of the blanket was wet with his saliva. If I or Big J scolded him for sucking, he will just look at us with his big round eyes and laugh. Lol!!

He drools a lot lately, don't tell me he is teething that young??? Anyway, I started to give him a teething toy for him to bite. He does not enjoy taking his pacifier, so I do not force him. He does not need pacifier, so I thank god that I do not need to wean him on that. He is a good angel, but if he lies down too long, he will start to cry or scream, until you have no choice but to carry him. Sigh!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sister nags

She will nag her brother if he is noisy. "Don't make noise, Baby Jay". "Do not cry", or "Baby, you cannot do that".

This morning, I overheard her talking to her brother in the room. "Baby, do not put your hands into your mouth. Do not do that. I am angry with you". Then she walked away but few seconds later, she came to her brother and start to nag him again on hand sucking. Lol!

And when I try to feed Baby Jay his medicine, Princess Jan was asking Baby Jay to drink his medicine instead of throwing the medicine out. "You have to drink medicine, baby, then you get better". Yes, that is my kay-poh and know-it-all daughter.

My Princess Jan knows how to nag people. She will nag her dad to wake up every morning so she would not be late for school. She will nag me to give her milk. She will nag her brother if he makes too much noise while she watches tv. Irregardless of her nags, she loves her brother very much. She will check on him from time to time. Every morning, the first thing she does would be greeting her brother "Good morning".

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Under the weather

Baby Jay has been sick earlier this week. I noticed that he coughed on Monday evening, and immediately we took him to see the paediatrician. Paediatrician could not find any problem with him but she gave us some cough/flu syrup just in case. His condition got worse on Tuesday evening when I picked him and Princess from the baby sitter’s house.

So, I gave him his medicine and he slept pretty well through the night. He did not drink his milk although he woke up twice. Maybe he was uncomfortable with the sneeze and flu, and hardly wanted to drink his milk. Fortunately by morning, he managed to finish up 3 Oz of milk.

The first night, Baby Jay making so much noise and stayed awake for almost 2 hours. So, you can imagine the next morning, I could not get up if not because of my alarm. I was weary the whole Wednesday in the office. Lol!

Baby Jay is still recovering from his sickness. Maybe it is the weather. Rainy and cold season. No one in the family or baby sitter is sick so wonder how he got the flu.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I asked Princess Jan yesterday whether she cried on her first day in school. At first she said no, and then she changed her statement to "yes". When I asked her why she cried, she said she cried because she needs to go to toilet! Lol!

At first, she told me two of her friends cried in the class room and she did not cry. But when she needed to go to relieve herself, she cried. Probably new teacher. She is not used to the new class teacher so she did not dare to ask for permission. Poor girl. Other than that, she was doing fine on her first day.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New schedule

I got Princess Jan's communication book from her school this morning. They had orientation last Saturday but I did not attend since I could not take leave that day. I just noticed that her class starts from 8am to 1130am. And it means that Big J has to get up early to send the children every weekday. Lol!

I remember last year both EDP and P1 started at 830am while P2 and P3 started at 8am. I guess this year they standardised the hours. For the whole week, Princess Jan will have orientation and classes end earlier around 1030am, and next week, classes will be normal.

I must get Princess and Big J to sleep early from tonight onwards otherwise how to wake both up to be in time for school??

Sunday, January 3, 2010

School re-opens

Yes, it is end of school holiday and Princess Jan will be attending her P1 tomorrow. Her uniform has been ironed and ready for her to wear tomorrow. I am taking half day off to accompany her on her first day of school. I wonder whether she is excited or not to go back to school after lay off for more than a month, but when I told her this evening that she need to rest earlier for school tomorrow, she replied me with an eager expression.

Princess Jan did not take his afternoon nap today, "kay-poh" with her aunty who busy spring cleaning the house. So she has an early evening. Hope everything is fine for her tomorrow......

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A treat for the princess

Finally I have time to download the pictures and share with you........

A day before NY Eve ....More like a movie treat for Big J and I. It has been long long time since Big J and I went to cinema to catch a good movie. Since I were taking leave on 30 Dec, we decided to catch "Avatar' in the newly-opened MBO in The Spring.

Princess Jan enjoyed herself in The Spring as since she was back from Kapit, it was her first time there. The Christmas decoration was still up, so I managed to take few snaps of her with the decoration. When asked her which trees she want to take pictures with, she replied me "I want the big Christmas tree!".....

She didnt enjoyed the movie much as she kept telling me that the movie is not nice, scary etc. Oh well, so much of sci-fiction for her. I hope I can bring her to the next movie which is Alvin & The Chipmunks. I think she will enjoy that movie.

First day of 2010 ......While Big J and SIL were spring cleaning the house, I sneaked out with Princess Jan and Baby Jay with my family. Lol!

The grandparents missed Princess Jan after she gone for 1 month, so they brought us to Boulevard for window shopping. Supposed to go to The Spring, but after seeing the long queues into the basement, we decided to go to Boulevard instead. However, it took us about 30 minutes to find a parking bay. And my Baby Jay dozed off when we finally parked our car. Lol!!

They have a new superstore on the top floor with children playground. I did not tour around the superstore, but I promise myself I must make a trip next time we drop by. They have some interesting stalls there that sell home decorations which attracted my eyes. Anyway, we brought Princess to its playground, which is RM0.50 per entry for children only. Well, as usual, my princess played the slides, gone to the pool full with balls and did not want to follow us go back after been playing for more than 20 minutes. However, after much coaxing, she finally followed us to KFC. I guess after all those funs, she was hungry as she finished most of the fried chicken rice!! Lol!