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Our lovely princess

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy birthday, Princess!

Today is her day,
She was born 4 years ago this date,
It just feels like yesterday,
But with one blink she is 4 years old girl.

We love you, Princess!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some goodies wrapping

Princess Jan's birthday is few days away. To celebrate her 4th birthday we decided to get everyone in Princess' class some goodies. So this morning we were busy hunting down some children favourites in supermarket.

And Princess being a busybody as well as good helper, would not want to miss out in the whole process. So she helped in putting some goodies in the plastic wrappers and tied them up.

Total 30 goodies. Asked Princess how many friends in her class, she replied twenty. Just to be safe, we wrapped 30 goodies to be brought to school on wednesday. :)

My princess is taking a break after the hard work. To treat her for been good girl, we brought her to the swimming pool in our club house and same time, shown her the new house.

As for my Baby Jay, he is exactly 8 months old baby. While everyone busy with the wrapping work, he was just minding his own business, eating his baby bites in the walker since he was banned from getting near us.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sign of first teeth

Noticed (I should said "felt") his teeth this week! Yes. The sign of teeth is on his bottom gum. He has slight fever today but after given panadol, his fever slightly subside.

Baby Jay also not in his good behaviour today. Probably because of the teeth makes him uncomfortable. He did not want to drink much and fussing around the whole day. Hopefully a good night sleep tonight would do him good. I do not have much problem when Princess has her teething. She acted normally and no fever except for the drooling and biting stuff. So I am still not that experienced in dealing with a fussy teething baby.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Her poo business

Every evening after picking Princess up from baby sitter, it is my habit to ask her on her day in school. What did she do, what teacher said, which books she read, etc. And Princess will entertain me with her school activities. It is fun listening to her, like yesterday.

Would you believe me when I told you for the first time in her schooling days, she actually did her fist "big business" in school yesterday morning? Yes, she did it for the first time since she gone to school last year. She has some bowel problem for past few days, did not poo at home and in baby sitter's house for about 3 days. So during the weekend I fed her some dragon fruits. Her baby sitter kept feeding her some bananas and potatoes but she still did not poo last week. However after consuming many dragon fruits she did not do her business at home. So last resort, I gave her some Chlorella. One tablet in the morning and one in the evening since Sunday.

And yesterday once reached home, she asked for the "green vitamin" from me. *wink* So back to the poo story in school, she has the urge to go to toilet when we sent her to school yesterday morning. So I told the attendant that she needed to go to toilet for her "big business" and I left her there.

In the evening time, my Princess told me the whole story.....

Princess: I poo this morning in school, mummy.
Me: Good. Many?
Princess: I don't know. I did not see.

(Princess has the tendency to count her poos each time she gone to toilet and will say either they are big or small. Lol!)

Me: Okay. Never mind. Who clean for you?
Princess: No one. Teacher is busy in the morning with other children. I used toilet paper to clean myself.
Me: Oh. Good. Did you flush?
Princess: No.
Me: Why?
Princess: Because it is too high. I cannot reach it.
Me: Okay. Did you wash your hand with soap after that?
Princess: I used water only, no soap in school.

Okay, it may not look perfect in school but at least she knows what to do and how to take care of herself.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Turning 8 months

I feel guilty of not taking much photographs of Baby Jay. When Princess Jan arrived, we spent a time every month to take snaps of her till she was 1 year old. So it was a pity that we did not do so for Baby Jay.

My Princess loves to dig into old albums of her; she never bored of seeing her photographs. Then she will made comment about Baby Jay's photos. I did not developed any of baby's photographs so far; mostly save in pc.

This is one of the rare pictures I took of Baby Jay recently in his walker. He enjoying himself in the walker, exploring around the house. However I only allowed him to do so for few minutes. People said it is not so good for young baby to walk in walker, something to do with his backbone and slow walking skill.

As usual, Princess Jan would not want to be missed out in any photo-taking, so without asking her, she will just stood in front and pose for the photographs.....So most Baby Jay's photographs will have his sister in them.

Baby Jay is going to be 8 months old baby end of the month. I started to feed him plain porridge with carrot and broccoli; and cereal added into his milk. He has not yet develop any teeth. I heard that babies taking teether or pacifier tend to grow teeth faster. Is that the reason why Baby Jay did not have teeth yet? He does not fancy any teethers or pacifiers although like other ordinary babies, he tends to grab on anything and put into mouth.

He is getting stronger; can stand and sit straight. He also can move forward pretty fast. So,should I need to do something, I have to put him in his bed. I know he is safer in there. Lol!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday's cat nap

It has been a while I did not post pictures of my children. Busy! And no camera to spare. I was testing Big J's new phone camera and great! I always love Sony Ericsson Cybershot phone.

I did not adjust the setting so somehow the pictures did not turned out sharp, but nevertheless I have some pictures for memory sake.

And what better than to take the two children taking their afternoon nap. A lazy Sunday, sleeping, eating and watching tv. My kind of Sunday! Lol!

Baby Jay now slightly rely on craddle as he is used in babysitter's house. After I came back from my 2 weeks training, I have tough time to get him sleep during the first few nights. Need to rely on craddle to put him to sleep. Before this, he just sleeps in his bed at nights. But now, I have to make him sleep first in the "sarong" then transfer him over to his bed once he dozes off.

As for my Princess Jan, this is her sleeping position. I have hard time to get her covered as she always kick her blanket off even when she was in deep sleep. And I am evenly impressed by her sleeping location as she can turn to 180 or 90 degree. Now that she shares same bed with me and Big J, both of us having hard time sleeping as either we been slapped, kicked or got fright by her. Lol!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Generous heart

In one of the conversations I had with princess today:

Princess Jan: Mummy, mama (her baby sitter) doesn't have any more money.
Me: Why?
Princess: Of course. Because she buys a lot of thing, so no more money.
Me: Buy for who?
Princess: For che che (baby sitter's daughter).
Me: Oh, I see.
Princess: Yes, so we have to give mama money.
Me: Who told you that mama doesn't have money?
Princess: Mama. Mummy, we must give money to mama.
(going to her coin box and show to me)
Princess: Tomorrow I bring this coin box and give mama, can or not?
Me: Okay (giggling)

That is very kind of Princess Jan. I believe that her che che is going to Form 6 soon so probably that is why baby sitter buys some school stuff for her. I am just touched with my Princess's generous heart. At least she shows some kindness at young age, right? I am proud of her.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Demanding for a present

Princess' birthday is few weeks away and she has been reminding everyone in the house of her birthday. And her aunt was telling me over the phone last night about what Princess Jan told her before she was off to KL last weekend.

SIL: You know what sis, your princess told me to buy her a present.
Me: Is it? Why?
SIL: Because of her birthday loh. She said her birthday is in April so she wants a present
Me: Cheeky girl.
SIL: And guess what she ask for? A handbag!
Me: Huh? I just recently bought her one pink handbag from KL.
SIL: Yes. And she told me she wants a bag for her birthday. And not any bad, but a handbag. Like mummy's one, she said.
Me: Oh dear.
SIL: I wonder where should I get her a handbag in KL!! And when I told mum (my mother-in-law) about it, she almost want to faint. hahaha!

Oh well, that is my princess. Soon she will be 4 years old girl. How time flies. And Big J was commenting to me this morning that he feels his daughter is growing too fast. She grows too fast, acts and thinks like adult. And she is getting demanding and materialistic too. Lol.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My 2 kids

We got Princess Jan's report card for the first semester. She was doing fine in school. She starts her Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics and Chinese classes. The teacher commented that she is doing well academically, but social-wise, she needs some confidence to interact with her peers.

I am proud of her. She is a smart girl, but when it comes to school, she tends to shy away and stay to her self. It takes time for her to be cozy with her surrounding. It was the same thing during her last year session, so this time round, I bet it is only time that tell her when she will start to miggle around with her new friends.

Baby Jay is 7 months old baby. He started to stand on his knees and turning pretty fast. Soon, I would need to put his knee caps when he know how to crawl on his knees.