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Our lovely princess

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CBK (holy ****)

3 weeks I didn’t see Little J, and how fast she grows. Taller, but side way, not much flesh on her. Glad that she was well taken care of during my absence.

From far away, I knew Little J was happy to see me as she was smiling and running toward me. But she did not run into my arms but to Big J instead. I guess she must be angry with me for deserting her for 3 weeks. But after few second, she hugged and kissed me! *sob* How I miss her!!

Not only that she was slightly taller, she also learnt many new songs and words! And guess what, she learn to speak foul words! Holy shit! I almost fainted when she said foul words on Sunday repeatedly. The more we scolded her, the more she said it. So in the end we just ignored her.

How fast children can learn and that cover foul languages as well. So next time, please refrain from swearing in front of young children as they learn fast!!! Now everytime, Little J said the foul words, we just told her it is not good and good girl will never say such words!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am going to miss her a lot

I am still in Kuching, getting ready to take my flight to KL this afternoon. My Air Asia flight is 1245pm. Oh boy! I started to have butterflies in my stomach as this is my first time going away by myself. I must be too dependent, having Big J or friends along in the past. Sigh! This time round, I would be going solo, having to use bus from LCCT to KL Sentral then monorail to city area to reach my hotel.

The worse part is that I started to miss Little J. I am not flying and yet I already miss her a lot. My eyes even start to go watering while I make this post. Gosh. I am going to miss her voice, laughter, giggles, kisses and hugs. I wish 3 weeks would pass fast and go easily on my part.

For the past few days I seldom spend much time with her at night, as my MIL and SIL help me to pick her up from babysitter and take care of her on my behalf, while I work late. It makes me more guilty of leaving her behind for the next 3 weeks. Sigh!

*kiss, kiss, and kiss*

Little J, be a good girl and listen to your Ah Ma and aunty. Mummy is going to miss you. And sorry mummy cannot celebrate Mid-Autumn and play lanterns with you this year on the actual day. Hope you like the lanterns and enjoy playing with them. :)


Testing on the battery-operated lantern. She sure can pose when you ask her to pose for a shot!

Friday, September 5, 2008

My little adult

She may be 2 years old plus, but she is as cheeky as a young girl! Now she has her own mindset and behavior, sometimes she can be a nuisance to mummy and daddy. When she wants something, she will nag at you. Thank god so far she hasn’t make a big scene by crying or rolling on the floor, as I heard that some kids do that!! She only nag at you by repeating the same thing and tugging at your body.

When ever we scold her, Little J will talk back by saying “Go home” and going straight for the door. What? Who taught her that? It sounds like she is threatening us by running away from home. Don’t you think so?

Not only she knows how to threaten us, she even know how to praise people. When she sees her mummy or aunty dressed up, she will come to them and say how beautiful they are! Faint! It is flattering but sometime it is amusing to hear the praise from a young child. As young as her age, she already starting to admire make-up kit and even trying to apply on herself. There is one book where there are few colours on a particular page. One day, daddy caught Little J pretending to put colour on her face by applying colour from her book! When daddy asked her what is she doing, she hurry closed her book and pretend nothing is happening. Hmm. I really don’t know what is in her mind. Is she a young girl that is growing up or a little adult in a young girl’s body?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Like in all Disney stories, the prince and princess lived happily ever after. But real life marriage is not a fairy tale and doesn’t work that way. With increasing rate of marriages ending in divorces, it is crucial for couples to ensure their marriages work.

Before they take the important step in sealing the vow of marriage, some issues are best discussed first hand to avoid conflict and misunderstanding in the future:

Money Issue
Money is always one of the factors that affect a marriage. Discuss well before marriage on how both of you can budget your money. List down the basic expenditure and either you share some of the expenditure or one person responsible for certain items.

Conflict solving
Conflicts and disagreements are part and parcel of marriages. Do not try to change your spouse into some one you want them to be because it wouldn’t happen. Do not used hurtful words that you may regret later. Respect and understand each other.

How many children should we have?

Before married, Big J has said that he wish to have 3 children where as I want to stick to 2. We are still working on the number but the important issue here is to discuss on how many children both of you would like to have. Having children is hard and can put a toll on your relationship in later stage. It is impossible for parents to maintain intimacy in relationship.

Live with different faiths
Religion defines belief, behaviors, values and lifestyle. I am from a family that practice Buddhist while Big J is a Christian. Conflicts do arise in an inter-faith marriage, but sit down and discuss on how to deal with different practices. We have to respect each other and making adjustment.

In-laws and own family
It is not just you and your spouse but each other families too. They can be a blessing as well as distraction to your new family. Keep in mind no matter how much our extended family drives us crazy, they are there to enrich our lives and children’s lives immeasurably

Time for each other
Romance in a relationship lasts for about 6 months to 1 year. When couples marry, the challenge is to maintain that passion for a life time. Making times for each other despite busy work schedule. Even better, get someone to baby-sit your children and you and spouse can have some personal time together.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunrise in Sematan

We just reached Kuching from Sematan. We departed from our chalet around 730am and reached Kuching at 945am. Some photos to be shared with you!

One of the few shells we found on the beach

Broken shells washed ashore

Sematan beach facing the big ocean

We woke up around 6am this morning, so we can go for a walk on the beach to view the sunrise. We hardly can see the sunrise, but I manage to take some good shot of the sky. It was a breezing walk on the beach.

The management put up a lot of sign on falling coconuts

Our chalet from beach view

Which one is Talang-Talang island, where you can see turtles?

A walk on the beach

The beautiful view

Mist surrounding the mountain