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Our lovely princess

Friday, July 30, 2010

Little owl

My boy is like an explorer, crawling here and there around the house, destroying, messing and biting things up. So it is very important to keep all those small things away from his reach.

I have to keep reminding Princess to keep her toys especially small blocks away so Baby Jay would not take and put into his mouth. Ever when I am away and play some cartoons for him, he would only watch for few seconds than start exploring again. He cannot stay still in a place for a second. Sigh!

When at night when everyone is too tired and lying in the bed, Baby Jay would still crawl away from the mattress (we laid our mattress on the floor now). The more you call him, the more he crawls away from you. The most he would just turn back and smile at you. *Lol* Even my princess is fast asleep while her baby brother still very active after 10pm. Sometimes Baby Jay would only doze off around 11pm. I guess he has good sleep during the day, so he is hyperactive at night.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Big J would be driving to Sibu tomorrow morning to help SIL with her new shop. He would be there for 4 days. Since I have not enough hands in the shop, I would be putting my Baby Jay in baby sitter's house while Big J is away.

So it will only me and Princess at home over the weekend. At least I am not totally alone while hubby and son are not around.....sigh! Just wish could turn the clock faster to next Monday.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Raincoat during rainy days

This is a present from a friend of ours. Hello Kitty raincoat for Princess. Remember I brought my Princess along for a wedding reception early this month? Apparently a friend of ours spilled some wain on my princess and as you know, red wine stain is pretty hard to get rid of.

Fortunately I brought along a sweater so my Princess did not need to wear the stained dress throughout the reception. Anyway, this friend bought her a raincoat as consolation. Cutie don't you think? It fits her nicely.

It has been wet lately so this raincoat comes handy! Lol!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Full house

Since my SIL went to KL a week ago, my Princess has moved back with us. It means she is sleeping on our bed. Yes! Like my Princess always say, "We are family in the room".

Princess in her cheeky manner pulling out the middle part of the car cushion and sitting on it with seat belt.

She did not want to sleep in her aunt's empty room. Our maid has moved into another bedroom so Princess would be alone if she is to sleep in the room.

Just the other night, she was commenting to me that I need to wash her pillow case as it smells. Hmm, it reminded me that it has been over a month I did not wash her pillow case, so I said "Yes" to her. And then guess what she told me. She also told me to wash her favourite bear as it also smell and it needs a bath. Okay, I told her I will do it for her but with promise that she would not look for her bear at night as the bear would not dry in a day. From the weather now, there is usually shower in the afternoon.

So far so good. She can sleep without her bear. Hmm, wonder whether it is about time to get rid of her smelly bear? When we went to Korea early this month for a week, she did not have any problem sleeping without her bear. Actually we forgot to bring the bear along. She did ask for it on first night, but then she did fine without it.
My going to be 1 year old son....with 8 teeth and cheeky expression.

As for Baby Jay he is going to turn 1 year old next month on 25th. Maybe a dinner at my BIL's cafe, with Big J's family and my family. Nothing grand unlike Princess Jan I hope. As I aged, I hardly like big occasions.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double Wins

As promised I have download the newspaper clips of our winning in the H&L Treasure Hunt last Sunday.

The prizes we won. Of course we divided among 4 of us.

Newspaper clips in Chinese newspaper. Can see clearly Big J and myself there.

Another worth mentioning is my Princess's latest achievement in school. She has finally conquered her "ghost" and go up to the stage for first time in school this morning in her Bahasa Malaysia speaking competition. Although a little hesitation at one point, she managed to go through it. I am proud of her. Don't know whether she will go through the final or not, but I am happy that she has finally able to go up to the stage and talk. I guess our winning last Sunday motivated her as she told me she wanted to win something in the competition. Lol!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


As if I do not know how to read, my Princess always reminded me to be careful on the road. She will tell me to turn here and there, buckle up or drive slowly. And when ever she sees a road sign, she will tell me what it means.

Princess: Mummy, you see there. Awas!
Me: Oh, you know how to read it?
Princess: Yes.
Me: How to spell "Awas"?
Princess A- W - A - S. Awas.
Me : What does it mean?
Princess: It means danger, mummy. So you need to be careful.

Hmm, I did not realise my daughter can recognises words spontaneously. I am impressed.

Monday, July 5, 2010

A call from teacher

I got a call from Princess' class teacher this afternoon while sending my Indonesian maid for a medical check up. Her teacher, Ms J is persuading me to encourage my Princess to compete in the upcoming Bahasa Malaysia speaking competition.

As I was commenting on my daughter's lack of confidence in previous post, Ms J called me up today to discuss on this matter. I told Ms J that I cannot think of better way to get her to go to the stage and speak up as for the whole year last year and this year, she has not been competiting in any of the competitions held. Even with my presence, she would not want to go to the stage and compete. It is totally different story when she is out of school. All the chattiness and "kaypoh-ness" come out. It is like she is totally a different girl when she is at school, I told Ms J.

Ms J said Princess is a very talented girl and able to read in what was taught, but Ms J is concerned about her confidence level. Should I be worry at this stage? I do not know whether I should because I know deep inside her, she is a talkative and clever girl. Sigh! How to motivate her? Maybe I will continue to talk to her about the competition which is next week from tonight onward and hopefully it changes her mind. How to shape the confidence in a 4 years old girl? It is not like she has no confidence but I do not know why it would not come out from her once step into school. I would not want this to persist when she goes to primary school which is 3 years away.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lack of confidence

I am doubtful about my Princess but I guess when she is in school, she is totally a different person. Not like her usual self. The confident and independent 4 years old.

I collected her last semester report, and her class teacher commented Princess is very obedient and good in academic aspect. However she is lack of confidence especially in social and public speaking aspects. Hmm, I have no doubt about her learning, but she striked me as a very out-spoken girl at home. I guess once she is in school, she becomes very reserved and does not talk much. That is one thing about Princess. She can be well behaved when she wants to. And I mean she can keep things to herself.

Now that she is grown up she has her own thinking and attitude. Hard to teach her nowadays since I started operating my shop. Only able to meet up with her when she is in the shop in the evening when Big J pick up the kids. I missed reading to her. And I definitely missed teaching her. Just hope after I settle down and train my workers well, I would be able to relax a bit and catch some quality times with my 2 kids.

However I am happy with Princess' improvement especially in Chinese language. She is able to converse in Mandarin now and recognise some words. Her aunt bought her a Chinese Kindergarden exercise book recently and being an eager reader, she brought her new book to my shop. As usual she will write, scribble and read her book to me. And when she asked me how to read some word, I have to reply her that I am "banana" (do not read Chinese). She knows that I cannot read Chinese and yet she keeps asking me on Chinese words. Instead she have to teach me. Big J even amazed that she able to recognise some words. Just need to improve her pronounciation a bit. Because she still sound alien when speak Chinese. Like the "ang moh" speak Chinese, you get me?