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Our lovely princess

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Sunday

Friday, July 29, 2011

Jay the tower builder

Slowly putting up the tower

Finally the roof


Monday, July 25, 2011

Our weekend

As usual, our weekend would not be complete without car ride around the city. When it comes to "kai kai", my Baby Jay would be the first one to get ready wearing his shoes. Now he hardly could sit in his baby car seat as he does not sit still for seconds.

After a morning "kai kai" and mummy opened up her shop, the kids have their afternoon play and nap. The house is never quiet with the kids around; either from their fighting, screaming, Baby Jay and Princess's singing. And not forgetting the mess from their toys. Lol! Luckily Princess able to clean up the mess after she played because I harrassed her to do so, otherwise her toys will be thrown away. (Bad mummy)

Princess' taste of iPad. Princess and I have whole afternoon playing the Angry Bird. Now I am addicted to it. Lol!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

His new toy

Big J bought an iPad yesterday. His new toy I said, but according to him, it is his "rice bowl". Depend on it to earn money. Lol!

Princess and Baby Jay were pretty excited to try on daddy's new toy and I have to warn Big J not to get so loose on the gadget. Knowing my two kids, they can destruct a thing in few seconds. Lol! Anyway, Princess had a taste of first ipad this morning before going to school by playing Angry Bird games on daddy's new iPad. And my oh my, I never knew she is so tech-savvy than me. I still not so good with those touch-screen gadgets.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Princess has been unwell for few days; she cough since last week. Took her to her paed on Saturday, doctor confirmed it was inflammation in her throat. So she has to take her "yukky" antibiotic since the cough did not subsided on Sunday.

Wonder why kids still so energetic and chatty even when they are sick? Not like us adult, almost drained out by end of the day and yet they still jumping in the bed, shouting around. Sigh!

Then the virus spread to me. Yeap, I can feel the tightness in the throat yesterday and this morning, I woke up with a sore throat. Gosh!

Never feel this tiring; as need to be in the shop the whole day today and tomorrow. Now I wish I am in my bed, resting at home.....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seeing shapes

My Princess told me this morning that yesterday she has her eye check in her school. Oh, good. I remember signing my consent on her getting her vision checking, but do not remember the date. At least she can have her eyes been properly checked since the optical shop I usually went to, does not check on younger kids' eye. They said their machine is for older kids, not for kids under 6. *blur blur*

Anyway, I asked Princess about her result, and does she able to read all those alphabets and numbers. Instead she told me she can see shapes. Square, circle, triangle, etc. huh? First time I heard about having shapes for eye checking. Now I am curious........The school supposed to pass a copy of the result to parents who permitted their children for the screening. So I am waiting for an official result, rather than hearing from my Princess. It is not that I do not believe her, but it does not sound like the usual eye screening chart that we know.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Get it right

Previously when Big J has few textile shops, he used to pass all his business accounts to a friend of mine that work in an audit firm. She helped him to compile the necessary accounts so it would be easier for him to submit for income tax purposes. Been not of accounting background, it is not easier for Big J to sort out his cashflow of the businesses. Thank god to my friend, she helped him a lot during those 5 years.

She even suggested to him to use irs extension form 2009 to obtain tax extension. It is great advice as he was able to maximise on his tax deduction and used it to invest in properties and bonds. Otherwise we would not be where we are now.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

They fight

Princess is 5 years old and Baby Jay is turning 2 next month! Both kids started to fight more nowadays and neither one want to give in easily. Both kids fight because of toys.

So I have to act as mediator most of the times, giving reasons to Princess since she is the eldest and Baby Jay is still young and cannot understand reason for now. But my Princess is getting naughtier now and can argue with me. Even the baby sitter is complaining that she talk back a lot and can throw tantrum around.

As for Baby Jay he is more cheeky. Even when everything is calm and normal, he will try every chance to hit his sister. And poor sister, cry and complain. Sigh!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Poo story

It may sound disgusting to some of you, so don't say I did not warn you first! It all started in the church this morning........

Suppose to be a quiet time in the church but suddenly Princess commented on stomach ache. Thought that her early morning consumption of 100 Plus was the culprit but after 30 minutes during the mass, I have to bring her to toilet to let her do her "business".

After the passing out, Princess still commented on stomachache, but nothing out during second visit to the toilet. Then Baby Jay started to get restless and cried. So I have to bring him out from the children room and let him have some fresh air outside the church. And me and Baby Jay were sweating on a warm Sunday morning!

And guess what? After we finished in the church, he started to poo in the car! Lol! New perfume in my car. So lucky that we did not used Big J's car this morning. And I have no choice but to change Baby Jay in my shop as the daddy cannot stand the smell in the car. Lol! Thought he finished his business, but instead he gave me more work! He poo in my shop! One last push from him and I get my fitting room dirty. Eeeewwww! What to do? Got to clean him up and also my fitting room.

So much in the morning.....