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Our lovely princess

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hit the piano

My Princess has got her first Piano book early this month and she has started to play notes on a piano. She is enjoying it because almost every evening she will hit her keyboard and practise the notes.

She reminded me when I was young and play an organ. And when my dad bought me an organ home and I could not stop playing it. But now my skill turns rusty and I do not think I could remember which note is which. Lol!

I could not wait to move into my new house. And we have allocated a space for Princess' piano, provided she passes her Grade 1 of course. *wink*

Monday, February 27, 2012

Everyone into social media

A son of a friend just graduated from Social Media Management last year and now he is working with an event management company in KL. He joined the company about a month now. Once a while he will call up my friend telling her that he has so many assignments and projects to handle. But he is happy.

Social media management has always been his interest since he was a boy. With current stiff competitions in the market and demanding customers, social media is becoming a very important tool in reaching the right customers with minimal cost. Some more, almost everyone has a Facebook or any type of social network account. Good thing is that social media can link with Facebook. So, what other better tools to market your products?? So, when my kids grow up, I will get them to study social media management. Maybe with this knowledge, my kids can help their daddy with his property management some day!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Ling boy

How time flies and my nephew (Jed) is 5 months old today. Cute boy. Both of my kids adore their little cousin. Soon he will learn to flip over and make small moves around the house.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ready for school?

He has been trained to carry bag at his back for a week. Glad that he is get used to it now. Just a little preparation for him to go to school. If everything goes well, maybe middle this year, otherwise it would be next year in Kindergarden.

No! He is not an Enfagrow Baby. Just someone gave him the bag as a gift. I put his water bottle, favourite toys and disposable diaper in the bag.

He is still in his pyjamas. Almost everyday he would dress up like that to babysitter's house. Because he wakes up late and I don't want Princess to be late for her school.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Racing car

After our church yesterday morning, we went to Tun Jugah to visit its newly-renovated Popular Book Store. Want to get something for Princess as she has been pestering me for a week. Shall blog about it other day.

Jay in the book store, strolling by himself.

And there is a remote controlled car racing competition happening when we reached the mall. And the kids were glued the the event especially Baby Jay. Never seen him so quiet for so long. Lol!

The kids were having fun watching the preliminary rounds and walking around the mall. The kids so hungry that they finished up their food too and it made us a happy parent.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Spelling Bee

For the past few days I have been training Princess to spell numbers from 1 to 10. Just discovered she did not know how to spell some of the numbers. Oh dear!! that to show I have been busy and neglected her education. Or I thought her kindergarten to teach the kids and by now she should now how to spell. At least one to ten???? But anyway, I am teaching her myself and glad she learnt fast. Only 1 number that she still unsure, i.e. eight.

And at the same time, I used rhyme in her spelling so it would be more fun and educational. Like "three" and "tree", "oven" and "seven". I need to remind myself to pay more time and attention on her. And I also bought some Primary 1 workbook for her in preparation for her primary school education next year. Lol! *kiasumum*

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Night chats

Last night......

Princess: Mummy, what are you doing with my uniform, and those colourful threads?
Me: I need to repair your buttons. 2 missing buttons. So I cut 2 buttons off your old uniform and mend them here.
Princess: Oh, I thought you want mama (baby sitter) to do it???
Me: Never mind, since it is still early. I do it myself.
Princess: Mummy, you know how to do it?
Me : I can.

And I sew the 2 buttons on her uniform. After I done with her uniform, I proceed with Big J's button. Then Big J came into the room)

Big J: Wow! You sew my button?? Thanks (Smile)
Me: Need to practise my sewing skill. hahah! Long time didn't sew.
Princess: Look daddy! Mummy sew my buttons and now doing yours.

One night while in the bed....

Princess: Mummy, how it is to have baby?
Me: It is painful, dear.
Princess: Oh, really painful?
Me: Yes. Why?
Princess: I don't want to have baby. I will be cut and painful.
Me: You are still young. Don't think too much of having baby yet.
Princess: But one day I will get married and have baby.
Me: You just 6 years old lah.
Princess: Mummy, why I don't have boyfriend leh?
Me: You are still small. You need to study hard and go to university. Then you can think about having boyfriend, get married and have baby, okay?
Princess: Hmm.
Me: ????? (want to faint)

Another night............

The other night me and Big J were discussing about vacation. My sister came back from her recent company trip to Sentosa, Singapore. She told me all those nice ride and food she tried in Sentosa. After listening to her, I wanted to go especially the Universal Studio and try its Transformer ride.

Anyway, Princess overheard our conversation. So I have to explain to her what is Sentosa and what is theme park. Then I told her that if budget allows, we may go to Sunway Lagoon instead. She grew excited when I mentioned to her the rides and water park. However I told her that she must eat more, especially meat and vegetable so she can grow taller otherwise she would not be allowed to enter some of the rides. Lol! And her eyes grew bigger. Eat more meat and vegetable??? Or mummy and daddy will go without her and di-di and have our honeymoon on our 8th anniversary year. *wink*

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hair cut

When me and my siblings were kids, my mum always cut our hair. The boy will have short hair (as short as she can managed) and the girls will have a bang in front and square hair cut at the back. We especially my younger sister has to endure the "torture" and sometimes my mum accidentally injure her ears. Lol! But those were the days.

My kids are very lucky, not to suffer what I did otherwise I think my girl will cry and don't want to go to school if I am to cut her hair. She is very "kiasu" and "ai bin" (want face) type of girl. I seldom bring my kids to salon. Mostly is the baby sitter who bring them for hair cut. Princess will be quiet when has her hair cut while Baby Jay, have to see his mood. If good mood, the job wil be easier and faster, but if not, then it needs all those bribing to be done.

And if I bring my girl to have her hair cut, she would only choose one salon, which is near to my shop. And most of the times, the owner did not charge us. Lol!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eat little

Noticed that my younger child, Baby Jay did not have good appetite lately. Reason #1 drink too much soft drink. He loves to drink 100 Plus. When we go out for our meal, he will automatically asked for "Plus". Sigh! Reason #2 He has stomach worms.

So, I bought him and Princess worm medicine, because doctor said that it is contactable among kids, so Princess also have to take it too. Hopefully it was the culprit and his appetite will be better again. He is never a picky eater, but lately he ate very little; few spoonful. Sometimes I have to force him to eat when he was busy playing or distracted by other stuff. And everytime we go out, I told Big J not to order soft drink or cold drink, so he will not drink much. It is not good to have kids as young as him to drink too much gassy drink.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another child?

Yesterday Big J suddenly asked me about adopted a niece as our god-daughter. I was surprised because #1 I never thought the mummy will ask in first place and #2 the niece is very naughty and has a bad influence on Princess.

But Big J told me that the cousin (niece's mummy) hinted to him when she asked the girl to call Big J "daddy". Don't know it is a slip of tongue or what, but I have a feeling that she may just trying to make the child having a sense of belonging when around us. The cousin is actually a single mother, so I understand her predicament of bringing up a child. Now the child is 5 years old, she has her own mindset and attitude. Which I do not like much. Very hot tempered, selfish and rude. Just hope she will grow out of it soon but can see the mummy is having tough time taming her down. I always thought I bring up 2 naughty kids but when I saw other kids, I know my kids are not so naughty after all. Everyone that I knew said my Princess is very well behaved. So a pat on the shoulder for me for a job well done and a clap for Princess for being a disciplined girl.

And since Big J wants 3 children, I sarcastically told him if the niece is been accepted as a god child then it would be perfect 3 and I would not want to have another biological child anymore. Age is catching up and I have no energy to have another one. And Big J went.......WHAT??? Lol! Few friends are having Dragon babies this year and Big J has been hinting to me for Baby No 3. And since both of us are born in the Year of Snake, he wants to have a little Snake baby next year. Oh no!!