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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mummy & Daddy's gal turning 2!

Our precious girl is turning 2 years old on Monday. She is growing to be a pretty girl. *wink*

When Little J was a baby, everyone commented that she looked like Big J, but as she growing up, she resembles me more. Sometimes I feel like she looks like her aunt (Big J’s sister) more. Thank god she doesn’t look much like Big J. However she still inherited her dad’s big and flat nose! Hahaha! So in case when she growing up and want to do any nose beautified surgery, we have stand by some fund for her to do so! *wink*

It feels like yesterday when we brought Little J home from hospital. It was a hard-to-forget memory when I held my bundle of joy in my arm for the first time in the hospital’s bed. It is hard to describe the feeling here as it was mix of happy, joy, relief, satisfaction, achievement and pain. Both grandparents were excited as she is the first grandchild in both families. She has been showered with loves and attentions from both grandparents. That makes her to be a spoiled brat and naughty little girl now!

Little J is a fast learner and loves attention. She started to stand on both leg before she was 1 year old and walk when she was around 14 months old. By 19 months she can walk up and down the stair case all by herself. Scare the shit out of her parents!

Her first word was “mum mum”. I guess every child started with that word. Now she is able to master more vocabulary both in Chinese and English and her longest sentence is 6 words. Now she is able to recognize alphabets, and having fun showing off her knowledge to other. Not only that, she has also starting to master some singing skill. As her mummy only knows how to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “ABC song”, she only knows those 2 songs. However, sometimes she will just sing to herself when she is bored. Lol!

She has few toys but one of her favorites would be a teddy bear she fondly called “J J bear bear”. I called her bear her best friend. They are inseparable when at home. Just thank god I do not need to bring her bear along when we go out. *wink*

She is now weighing around 12kg and measure at 88 cm tall. She is one choosy eater. It takes you much effort and time to trick her to finish up a bowl of porridge or rice. Her favourite dishes include chicken rice and kolok mee (Sarawak special noodle)! Maybe because of the fragrant, she can eat many spoonfuls of them. Or should I say, she inherited Big J’s food preference? Even when come to snack and drink, she has the same taste like her dad. Her favourite snack is peanuts and she loves to drink iced tea.

Little J is able to feed herself now, although she always end up messing her food. More food around the table and floor than go into her mouth! Lol! She still wet her shirts (meaning drooling on her shirts)! How to stop her from drooling and wetting her clothes? She has more or less a complete set of baby teeth I manage to count her teeth to be 18 teeth. She doesn’t want to open up for her mummy to check and count her teeth!

She may be naughty and always have something up her sleeves, but she is still her mummy and daddy’s darling girl. This year birthday is special to her as she is celebrating together with her younger cousin, Chloe. Both born on same date but 1 year apart. So one is a puppy and another little piggy! Big J born in the Year of Dog and Chloe in the Year of Pig! I guess dog and pig go along pretty well, right? *laugh* They met on several occasions and they do have their tugging, scratching, touching and pushing sessions, but children been children right? There are signs of jealousy too, such as “my territory” and “my toys” shown, but those behaviors are normal in young children.

How we celebrating Little J’s birthday? Nothing grand this year unlike last year where we have 60 people attending Little J’s birthday party in a Chinese Restaurant. We are going to celebrate Chloe’s birthday in her apartment tonight with outside food catering. As for Little J, I have ordered an Oreo Cheese cake to be enjoyed and celebrated tomorrow evening. Maybe a nice dinner treat with her uncle and aunty too.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little J. And little Chloe, Happy 1st Birthday to you too!

Lost in Crocodile Farm

After a hearty breakfast this morning at Pedawan, we headed straight to Jong’s Crocodile Farm which is about 30km from Kuching city and located somewhere along the Kuching-Serian road. We were concern on the mid-day sun, so we planned our trip early in the morning so by the time we reached the farm around 10am, the weather was not too dry and warm. Luckily the weather was windy with no rain in sight.

As the name indicated, Jong’s Crocodile Farm is a crocodile breeding farm. Entrance for adult is RM10 and for children under 12 is RM5 per head. The farm opens 7 days a week. At the farm, you are expected to come face-to-face with many sizes of crocodiles. The best time to visit is during the feeding session, i.e. 11am and 3pm. Here you would be able to watch huge and fierce crocodiles in action, fighting to get a bit chunk of the meats. Baby crocodiles are much more pampered, waiting for the feeding time in their respective tanks.

The famous crocodile of all time, Bujang Senang (Happy Bachelor)’s skull is also on display here. Bujang Senang is a legend; a notorious man eater and killed many people in Batang Lupar River in Sri Aman.

Jong’s Crocodile Farm is also home to some rare species of birds and other animals that can be found in the land of Borneo. We can see that Little J is enjoying herself at the farm especially when she gets to see some monkeys, birds and fishes. Her first time to the farm and also first close encounter with so many wildlife.

After the trip of looking at all those fierce crocodile, you may lose your appetite, but should you want to take a bite, there is a snack corner in the farm. You can also buy some drinks there to quench your thirsts. They do have a Bujang Senang souvenir shop for you to buy something home. I remember the last time I visited the farm with Big J (I was pregnant that time), he bought me a hat. You know those typical Japanese hats? I don’t know why I get him to buy for me as I didn’t like it. Make me look like a nerdy Asian girl! Lol! Big J bought himself a necklace with a crocodile teeth pendant! This time round, we did not buy anything.

We departed from Jong’s Crocodile Farm around 12noon. Before we reached home, Little J already dozed off in her car seat. She must have tired herself out! Never mind, she needed all those afternoon nap, as it would be another fun activity tonight at her little cousin’s house.

Arapaima Gigas, the largest fresh water fish from USA

Bujang Senang Skull

Crocodile pond

Feeding time

Directive banner

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What love can do for you?

When you fall in love with someone, do you change for him or her?? I have a story to share with you and let you decide for yourself:

HT has been working in a company as technician for many years. His no-care attitude has been a talk of the company, and everyone who knew him commented that he was lazy and never bother about after-sales services.

Came in SY into his life, he was so besotted with her that he proposed to her within 2 months courtship. SY was a humble and pleasant girl. She agreed to his proposal and they got themselves engaged. HT also becomes a changed man, from no-care attitude to care attitude. His work performance improved, customers were happy with his fast services, and boss promoted him to supervisory level.

So, true love can really change a person into a better person, don’t you think so? Now why Big J can’t quit smoking because of me? He doesn’t love me enough? Lol

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cut down on baby talk

Here I am, waking up early on Sunday. Little J is by my side, watching me typing this post. Told her to go "oh oh" , but she just ignoring me and started to pull every toys into the room.

For Little J to learn proper English or Chinese, it is essential that we treat her as adult and talk like adult too. No more “mum mum” (eat), “oh oh” (sleep) or “shi shi” (toilet break) for her. But habit been habit, once a while we tend to forget and continue with the baby talking. And it takes two to do the job too. If I speak proper English and Big J still continues with those little baby talk, then what is the use? It will take longer time to train Little J then. Lol!

From time to time Little J would surprise us with her vocabulary. As she was exposed to Chinese and English most of the time (other dialect been Hokkien), she can switch from one language to another. Must be due to two languages, her speeches are now “rojak” (mixed) of both languages.

When she saw a cat, she will say “maw”. Of course, I know that she is referring to a cat, and I will say “maw” too. Then she looked at me and say “cat”! Now who is teaching who here? Lol! Another funny example is when it is time for her bath. I will tell her “bath time” and she replies me in Chinese “chung liang”. Ok ok! I got her. No need to repeat after me. She can be annoying once a while, repeating the same words over and over again like a parrot.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

It is Spring Cleaning time

Here I am in the office, while Big J is at home, calling or SMSing me from time to time, complaining about our cleaning lady. We have a cleaning lady that come to our house every Saturday.
Big J is complaining that she did not do a good job, especially the bathroom and he has to get down to re-do it himself! ;p Luckily I am not at home now, so I am out of his way! Let him do all those housework (since he seldom do it) and I just take my sweet time in office till 1230pm. 30 more minutes before I officially out of here!
When was the last time you do a thorough spring cleaning of your house??? I think the last time we did it was before CNY. Meaning more than 2 months. I believe some dirts and stuff have been compiling over the months and need to be throw away. I warned Big J not to throw my stuff or I wouldnt be talking to him anymore! *wink* He has the habit of throwing my stuff without informing me first! I hate it when he did that!
Since I took his precious notebook away this morning, he has no activity (or should I said, entertainment) at home, he is up to his cleaning cap. Blaming me for taking his notebook away! ;p Sorry dear, I need it more to blog hopping on a Saturday morning.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday song

I were teaching Little J to sing a new song instead of her usual ABC song, London Bridge is falling down and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Since her birthday is coming soon, I thought I teach her to sing “Happy Birthday”.

To my surprise, she knew the song, as she mumbling the song with me. She only can say “Happy birday”. She smiled from ear to ear when I started to sing Happy Birthday to her. Lol! Hopefully on her birthday, she would be able to sing this song with her mummy and daddy!

New toy from grandpa

Another brand new game for Little J. Guess how much does it cost.

A learning board with interactive alphabet, songs and games with a white board where you can learn to write and draw on it. Come with 3 crayons too, as you can pin a piece of paper on the board for colouring purposes. Cool right? Today kids are very fortunate compared to my time.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Family Portrait

Big J is teaching Little J how to draw our family on the white board this morning. I could not resist taking shot of the drawing. Cute, right? :)

Grandparent is in town

When Big J’s parents making a visit here, you will bet that Little J is up to her most mischievous and pampered manner. She particularly very clingy to her grandmother, it is just like her grandmother is under her spell and will do anything to please her! Lol! So when ever the grandparents are in town, we tried not to scold or punish her. She will simply not afraid of us and her grandmother is always there to fend for her.

Grandpa is in town this week for his usual monthly check up routine. On the way home on Wednesday, I told Little J in the car that her kung kung (grandpa) from Kapit is here! She then mumbling something about her ah ma (grandma) and ah ma’s canteen. Once we reached home, Big J greeted us at the car pouch. Little J was reluctant to get out from the car when Big J wanted to bring her out. When he told her that kung kung is in the house, she immediately jump out from the car.

Once inside, her excitement immediately subdued. Even when kung kung called her and asked her for a big hug, she didn’t make a move. I guess she must be wondering why only kung kung here, not ah ma too? Lol!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheeky Girl

I have been waking up early for the past 2 days as Little J woke me up before 6am in the morning! Yes, before 6am! The sun not even wakes up yet! As I am a light sleeper and can’t easily doze off right away, I opt to stay in bed, let Little J jumping over me and fiddling around. Only until she started to slap or kick me, then I will have to get up from the bed as threesome in one bed is too cramped.

To keep Little J from disturbing her daddy, I let her play with her toys or play DVD for her. Her toys are kept outside the room. When ever I open the door, she will immediately go to her toys and choose which one she wants to play, namely brick games, white board or laptop.

This morning she chose the white board. Before I was off to the bathroom, I reminded her not to “colour” with her white broad market on the bed. However when I were back to the room, Little J was on the bed and she was playing with her marker. When she noticed that I was in the room, she quickly cover my pillow with her white board and exclaimed “oh oh”. When she said that, I knew something is not right or she is up to something bad!

True enough, there some black marker marks on my pillow case when I removed her white board from my pillow! I was not angry with her since it was small matter. I immediately washed the marks so they were easily taken off. As for Little J, I kept her white board and marker and told her no more doodle and also toy for time being since she disobeyed my order.

Monday, April 14, 2008

5 times a day!

Big J and I were commenting on our daughter yesterday afternoon when he told me this funny incident while he picked Little J up last Friday evening. It is funny now that I think about our conversation. It went like this:

We were watching television when Little J snatched the television remote control from Big J’s lap. She only can press ‘999’ on the remote control. Lol!

Big J: Oh no! You and your cartoon streak again!!
Me: It is good that she’s learning to watch tv and know how to appreciate cartoons.
Little J: Cartoon. Mickey Mouse. (She is referring to the Mickey Mouse club house cartoon)
Big J: Oh yeah! Before I forget, I better tell you this! Remember the DVD you brought over to baby sitter’s house last Friday?? Aunty (baby sitter) commented that Little J watched it 5 times in a row!!! I think she is complaining as she also watched the DVD 5 times with her that day!
Me: Huh? (Then I start to laugh)
Big J: I think you better stop bringing any DVD to aunty’s house. (He gave me one look, but yet he was also laughing along)
Me: I never thought she would watch it 5 times a day. And I thought with her watching the DVD, aunty can actually do other house chores, right? Tell me, she watched it too??
Big J: I don’t know, I didn’t ask. By the way, the DVD is in my car, remind me to take it out later.

The DVD in question is “High School Musical”. Well, she can watch her “Alvin & The Chipmunks” for whole day till we bored of it and every time we have to fast forward it to the ending part, so why not “High School Musical”, Little J’s latest addiction? *wink* I rest my case!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Down to the Museum

Sarawak Museum

Just got back from the Sarawak Museum and City Aquarium centre. After a hearty breakfast with my parents at Kenyalang Park, we headed to the Sarawak Museum and City Aquarium (Aquarium Bandaraya). Since Big J having migraine this morning, he did not follow us.

Pose at a monument

We reached the museum around 930am. Still not many visitors. Our first visit is the City Aquarium. Little J was excited and intrigued by the fishes displayed there. Fishes from Oscar, Arowana, Cat Fish to many exotic fishes are available for tourist display there. Besides live fishes we get to see 2 crocodiles, and many tortoises there too.

Pose at the fountain garden

After about 20 minutes tour at the aquarium, our next destination is the museum. When was the last time I visit it? More than 10 years ago during my school day thesis! I remember using the St Thomas Secondary School through the Christian cemetery to get to the museum. A short cut actually! Now they block the cemetery entrance, disallow people to walk through it.

No photographs are allowed in the museum. Here again we can see many display of birds species, to crocodile skulls and whale skulls to other wild life species, to some historical values of Kuching and Sarawak. The visit to museum brought back some good memories when me and siblings were young and we always thrilled at the idea of going to museum. How we enjoyed our times and always nag our parents to bring us here. Those were the old days. Musuem and City Aquarium are still the same, just like the old days.

A type of fish

A crocodile in captive

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Can't Make Head or Tail Out of It!

Last night we were watching “The Devil Wears Prada” DVD (how I love Meryl Streep’s character, so cool and fearless dragon woman. I never bored of the movie and its fashion sense!), when suddenly I felt something not right in the bedroom. Yet I can’t make head or tail of it!

It felt like something is not right, it is not supposed to be in the room, but it was there.

Finally I decided to tell Big J about it and instantly it became clearer to me!

Don’t ask me what is this thing doing here, I instantly ask hubby to remove it from the room! He bought this samurai sword without my knowledge (why not, it costs a big hole in his pocket!) and placed this sword in the room! I am not a superstitious type, but having a sword in bedroom is definitely not a good sign!!

Big J bought it for precaution purpose. That was what he said! Now he was complaining on placing the sword out of the room. In case of any intrusion, he can use it to fend off the intruders! (sure or not??) I am more concerned about safety, as they may use it back on us! OMG!

Would you buy a samurai sword and place in your bedroom for emergency? Or just a simple baseball bat or golf club would do?

As for Big J’s sword, it is now tugging safely in our store rack.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Pink Heart Tag

Actually Nyumix passing me this pink heart tag for Rose' World (my other blog), but I thought I let this blog take over its first tag. Hope you don't mind, Nyumix! So here it goes....

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I know some of you have been tagged, but hope you don't mind me tagging you guys again!

"Okay" on everything

I am not sure whether Little J understands on most things, but sometimes I feel like she knows what we were talking about.

Me: Would you like to go to grandpa and grandma’s house this weekend?
LJ: Okay. Go swimming (swimming here meaning soaking herself in her grandpa’s bath tub)

LJ: Shopping. (pointing to the shopping complex). Go walk walk
Me: This weekend, okay? We’re going home now.
LJ: Okay (nodding her head)

Now, when come to rejection, she would not take “no” for an answer (aren’t all of us don’t like “no” for an answer?). When she been reprimanded or caned by Big J, she will start to slap other people in return, like her mummy (poor me) and aunty! She is afraid of cane now. So when she misbehaved, we simply take out the cane and she will sit quietly like a log for few minutes.

Another scene:

Little J tapping on Big J’s notebook..

BJ: No! Don’t disturb my notebook
LJ: Watch cartoon
BJ: No cartoon!

And so the debate continued with Big J lost his patience and brought out the cane. Immediately Little J retrieved from his work station and up to the bed!! She got few canings and started to cry! And guess what! I got a slap on my face from her for been lying next to her!!

BJ: Cannot hit mummy. Bad girl.
LJ: (keep quiet)
BJ: If you hit mummy, daddy hit you back.
LJ: Okay (she is looking pitifully at me, like asking me for help)

What can I say or do?! When she was caned, I felt some pain in my heart and my arms go to her.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I go for brainy guy!

While blog hopping I happen to drop by Didi's blog, and came upon this interesting quiz. Now I know why I choose Big J in first place! He is a brainy guy, but he is not the type of guy with good and drooling body that girls will be fancied of. :)

You Go For Brains!
You want a guy with a big... brain.And of course it would be nice if he were a total hottie, but you're not counting on it.What's on the inside is what counts for you. (Besides, you can always change the outside later!)

So, do you go for guys with brains or body??

How do we feel?

Either he is inconsiderate or I am over-possessive!

Big J has started to get back to his old self after many months of giving up! Now he is back again to his old habit! Sigh!

This week, for instance, he has been going out for 3 nights drinking with friends in coffee shops (alright, I don’t mind him drinking at coffee shops instead of pub, as it is cheaper), but I am complaining of his drinking habit and time management. I was so pissed off last night when he came back late that I decided to give him a piece of my mind.

When I told him I want to go out with some friends for a drink, his immediate answer was “NO!”. Now, where does that lead us?? Where is the logic? Why he can go out late with friends, and I cant go out? It is not like I have been going out every night.

Either he starts to consider his late night out or I would be moving back to my parents’ house. I am tired of calling him not once, but twice to remind him on time! He promised to be back by 12 midnight, but few nights he was caught coming back late! Not only late, but come home drunk and in bad behavior. Feel like locking him out of the room. Maybe I were too soft at heart, as most of time, I gave in to him.

Or maybe I have been over-posessive of Big J in the past; always controlling his diet, drinking, time and other little details. He said he needs some time for himself, asked me to stop nagging him. (make me sound like his mother). So, I told myself I should stop worrying my head too much about him. Let him do what ever he wants. I guess like what other told me, let him loose for a while to catch some fresh air. Guess that would be good for both of us. And guess we need to sit down together and resolve all those issues before it gets worse.
Sigh! Sorry I know I have been talking nonsense, but I just feel like pouring it out here! :) Actually I feel much better now. Some burden taken away from my shoulders.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My little gem going to 2

Some update of my Little J’s development so far:

Weight: 12kg (3.58kg at birth)
Height: 88cm (50cm at birth)
Age: 23months plus

Definitely not much fat in her body. Very choosy eater. She loves to eat noodles, fried rice and chicken rice. Her favourite snacks including peanuts, yogurts, yogurt drinks and crackers. We are trying to limit her intake on snacks as sometimes it can get out of hand. She still takes her milk at night, 3 times per day of 190ml each. As for fruits, she takes bananas, papayas, dragon fruits, grapes, oranges and apples.

She loves to talk sometime babbling non-stop and we couldn’t understand a single word. Mix of Chinese and English with occasional Hokkien words in her speeches. She can be very “manja” (spoiled) and know how to make her mummy happy. She will say “mummy, I love you” from time to time, where as when ask her to say “daddy, I love you”, those words never come out from her mouth! Lol!

Motor skill:
1.She knows how to feed herself although still littering around and playing with her food when we did not pay attention to her.
2.She has the energy to push the door grille and coffee table around. Sooner or later she will be able to reach for the door knobs and turn them.
3. She is still learning how to hold the pens and pencils properly to write
4. She flip book pages one by one using her thumb and index finger

Favourite past time:
1. She enjoys reading. She has a children encyclopedia by Winnie The Pooh, a children bible and few children story books. Since I bought most of her books, mostly are in English language as I don’t read Chinese.
2. She also enjoys playing with her new toy, a laughtop as it is called, with alphabet and phonic learning, games cum tunes lap top! She is able to recognize most of the alphabets by now.

Hobbies & likes:
1. She loves to doodle on paper.
2. She loves to imitate her mummy and aunty in the beauty parts. She will request us to put nail polish on her toe nails and even tie and pin her hair. She loves to jump from the coffee table to sofa much to the terrifying look of her parents! *Faint*
3. She likes to go window shopping and play water
4. She likes to help her mummy in house chore, by bringing in the broom and dustpan, bringing in laundry and wipe the floor with tissue papers
5. She loves to grab the tv remote control and only know how to press “999”
6. She can climb up and down the staircase all by herself
7. She loves animal – loves to look at them.

Other know-how:
1. Picking up newspapers almost every day from the car pouch
2. Recognise the sound of the car and whose it belong to (daddy, aunty, uncle and my car) without looking at the car
3. Recognize colour blue, red, pick and green.
4. Wave, shake hand, hi-five, giving kisses and flying kisses and greet “Hi’ when she feels like to
5. She even knows how to put some nail polish on her uncle’s nails with less smear on sides.

I do receive many comments from friends and relatives that she is hyper-active and naughty. Nevertheless is the joy of the group, where ever she goes, everyone loves her curious and active attitude. Not easily scared of strangers, once she knows that he or she is a friend, she will start to explore their houses and discover “treasure” in the houses! Lol! Everyone’ first comments would be on her hair! She was born with very thick curly hair. Now the curls have gone after few rounds of trimming. She look matured (no baby face when she was a baby) so most of the time, everyone guessing that she is 2 years plus, which she is not. I don’t know, she doesn’t have that children look? Because of her black hair since she was a baby? Or because she is tall that she look 1 year older? And little J is becoming to be a dreadful cry-baby, cried unnecessarily when she couldn’t get what she wants or angry at something. Sigh!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bundle of work after marriage

Check this article out, and you may want to re-consider marriage proposal carefully! For those married, sorry, too late to get out from it now!


Now, why I got myself into marriage in first place if I have known that I would have more house chore to do than when I was single? Shouldn’t husband share some of the work too? Most women are no longer full time homemakers, they are venturing out to work to support the family too.

Friday, April 4, 2008

In love with another man

Before you come to an early conclusion, let me make myself clear first. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not having an affair outside my marriage. I am still in love and very much loyal to Big J!

Is it possible to love another man other than the man you are married to? Why not? You can love many people in your life, don’t you. You can love God, your parents, sisters, brothers, colleagues and friends. God teaches us to love rather than hate a people. What I am trying to say is that there are many kind of love in this world that you cannot possibly in love with one person. The kind of love in this case is not the kind of love you have for your partner, but rather, a platonic love.

Platonic love is defined as “a love or a friendship between two people, close and deep but not sexual”

It is common for you to have a feeling toward another man, but that kind of feeling is platonic, truly platonic with no sexual desire along the line. A girl or guy may have many male friends or female friends, yet they are happily married to their partners.

How to have a platonic relationships with some one? Firstly you must share a common interest. You can have some common interests with your male colleague, yet with no string attached or love developed from there. I have few male friends (Big J knew them well too) that I have grown fond and love. Love them as friends! We share many things since colleagues, have fun together, laugh at same things, joke and gossip around and they are always there when we need them. We have been through so many things. In the past, I have been linked to one of the guys, but our relationship never goes to a stage further. We are just too comfortable with each other that we can’t imagine ourselves as lovers. We have become close, just like brother and sister. Closer than my own blood brother and sister.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

No PC night

Big J and myself have make an agreement on certain things, other being times for family. Big J is a computer games weirdo; he can sit in front of computer for the rest of the night without moving from it. Sometimes it makes me worry that he may die of playing too much games right in front of his computer! *touch wood*

It is silly to fight with him over a PC game every now and then so in the end, we have come to an agreement that in a week, he can play his PC game on alternative nights. So 3 nights would be PC night and other 3 nights been no PC night. Sunday is family day so that is another matter. At least with such arrangement, he would have some times for us. Not every day come back, switch on his computer and indulge in his favourite past time till wee hours and hardly spend times with us. Sigh!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gifts keep pouring in

Little J’s birthday is in 4 weeks time! We are planning for a dinner with close family, nothing extravagant compared to her 1 year old birthday party! Her birthday may be in 4 weeks time, but her aunties have started to buy her early birthday presents. (I think she is getting pampered more and more each day, LOL!)

This walking and noise-making giraffe is from her aunt (Big J’s sister) where as this cute bear bag is from another aunty (my cousin from Singapore). On behalf of Little J, thank you so much for your presents. Now I have problem keeping all her stuffs off the floor in the room! *wink*

Little Star Song

Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are
One of the few children songs that I am able to master when I was young. As result, I always sing this song to Little J when putting her to sleep when she was a baby. She slept with children lullaby songs played at night. Now that she has grown up, she hardly listen to them anymore.
Just last week, we found out that she is trying to sing the above song to us!! We sing the first row, and she will continue with the second row. She sang better in Chinese than English version though. The English version, I only can catch her saying "how", "wonder" and "are"! LOL! Beside this song, she also loves to sing ABC song, but only from A to G. Lol! Still a lot more to catch up, Little J. :)