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Friday, August 3, 2012

A bit of the kids


  • She is 6 years and 3 months old girl.  Weighing around 20kg and 110cm tall
  • She is very practical, intelligent and cheerful girl and always very cheeky and up to nuisance at all time
  • She is a manipulator; and always influence her brother in doing things that make me mad
  • She loves to dance, sing, draw and read. 
  • She loves to play dress up and will borrow my shawls and hairbands for her dressing
  • She is very friendly to anyone and will greet customers when they enter the shop
  • Her favourite food (for now) are luncheon meat sandwich, peanut butter waffle and instant noodle (Maggi Chicken flavour)
  • As she grows, she tend to be rebellious.  Does not listen to our reason and will speak back when she does not get her own way. 
Baby Jay

  • He is turning 3 by end of this month.  Weighing around 12kg and 92cm tall
  • He is very moody; depends on his mood.  He can be friendly and cheerful but the next minute he will be very unreasonable with you
  • He is starting to demand us to buy things for him.  Like few nights ago, he pulled his dad to the toy shop and requested him to buy a racket set for him. 
  • His appetite deteriorate lately and did not like to eat rice. But he still loves noodles and soupy dishes.
  • Less night feeding now and he will sleep alternatively between 2 beds but most night he would sleep with Big J. 
  • Less diaper wearing now except when we go out because I do not trust his control
  • He learning to like books now.  He can count 1 to 10 but still not so familiar with ABC.
  • He loves cars so he easily attracted to toys and books relating to cars.
It is a challenging milestones for both kids and us as parents because they have their own style, attitude and behaviours.  But we learn as the day goes.

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