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Saturday, December 8, 2012

A dummie in emoticons

I have a confession to make here!  I do not have twitter account.  I know, it sounds funny and outdated because almost everyone has twitter accounts now.   I do not think it is necessary till recently when Big J registered one recently. 

When I saw Big J used its twitter account to update his activities, I was surprised and amazed.  Not to mentioned in few hours time, he even has few hundred followers followed his Twitter accounts.  *laugh*  How famous my hubby is!  *wink*

But one thing that interested me is the twitter emoticons.  They are damn cute.  Some more they are free and just one emoticon can express what you need to express with less words.  And as my hubby is equally a dummie in emoticons like me, he is more advance than me now.  Thanks to its emoticons FAQ, he is able to use those cute emoticons without hassle and learn what they meant.  Hmm, probably I may register a twitter account soon.  Cannot help but those cute emoticons are very tempting.

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