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Sunday, January 6, 2013

1st week is over

The first week of 2013 is almost over. Both kids are doing fine in respective schools. Princess is doing fine in Primary 1 and she has started to make new friends. Since we stay very near to her school I visited her during her 20-minutes recess time. No homework and I understand that the full schedule will onlt commerce after the 3rd weeks. So no textbooks for now.

As for Baby Jay I accompanied him in kindergarden on his first day. On 2nd day onward he was on his own. He did not cried on 2nd day but he did wailed a while on 3rd day but he was doing fine. When asked him whether he cried or not, he quickly replied me 'No'
 Cheeky boy.

1 comment:

lina said...

Good that the two are coping well. :)