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Saturday, March 23, 2013


School holiday is starting today.  How time flies.  First semester is over and the kids have been in school for almost 3 months. 

Princess and Baby Jay are coping well in school.  Almost every week Princess will have spelling tests in BM and Chinese.  So for the school holiday, I got her more KSSR exercise books for her to study and revise.  She has not gone for tuition.  See how her results go.  Since it is only Primary One, she does not have much exam till middle and end of the year. 

Baby Jay can recognised more alphabets now.  And he shows more interests in books.  So almost every night we will have book reading, to encourage him to read more.  Princess herself will have her bible reading every night before she is off to bed without me telling her.        

So are we going anywhere during the school holiday? Some more Good Friday is next week and it is PH here.  I don't think so.  Hubby cannot take leave. And some more the kids and I will be baptised next week in our Methodist church. Yes! I have gone to the confirmation classes for the past 3 weeks and soon I will be converted Methodist.  It takes me so long to go through this step but I am glad I finally did it. 

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Iriene said...

Congratulations and Welcome to the Kingdom of God. God Bless you and everyone in the family. It is really good to know that you instilled in them the reading interest and habit. Great job, keep it up!