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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shingles in baby

The Chinese called it "Snake Rash".  My baby is having mild rash on his body and face for few days.  It looks rough and dry and his skin is peeling.  After few days, gugu (baby sitter) asked me to bring him see a Chinese sinseh as she suspected Jamie has snake rash.  So true enough, the old man confirmed that Jamie has snake rash, so he was given treatment on the spot. 

First time I see the treatment as none of my family members even had this skin problem.  The old man used matches to kill the "snake".  He lighted up the first match and poke on the lower backbone and then another 2 matches for both ears.  I could hear the "pop" sound when ever the matches near the ears.  The snake should be killed when there was sound popping. 

Hope Jamie will get better now.  Otherwise he kept scratching his face and have red rashes here and there.  


lina said...

Hope Jamie's skin is getting better!

Small Kucing said...

Gosh I didnt know also. Hope Jamie is better now