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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Save the frozen

Let it go! Let it go!

Save the frozen from the ice. 

Since the kids were restless, I planned a little fun for them before their bath time.

Pre-freeze some toys preferably animals but I could not find all animals to fit into 3 containers so I mixed with other toys. Freeze the toys half way in the containers. Once they are frozen, add more water to full. This is to ensure the toys stayed half way in the ice.

Play time!!
How eager were them hitting the ice with metal spoons!! Even Jamie also testing the cold ice with his finger.

Then I added some water to the frozen toys to melt them. Now it was much easier to hit.

 Bbbrrrrr! Freezing!!
She got Strawberry Shortcake and little crab.

He saved Master Monkey.

After all the freezing fun, everyone was off to a warm bath, including the mummy.

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lina said...

A fun, wet activity! *thumbs up*