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Monday, July 13, 2015

My almost 2-years old and his words

My youngest is turning 2 in 2 months time. He is at the precious and adorable age where everything he does and words he says are cute. A real chatterbox; he is very chatty and bubbly at all times.

He likes attention and always want to be the "boss" around his older siblings. He can be nuisance and protective of his stuff but most of the times, the older siblings will let him win.

His current favourite words are "okay" and "please".  He starts to talk in 3 words such as "I want eat" and "Look at stay". 

He loves fruits especially dragon fruits, grapes and bananas. When he wants fruits, he will say "cut please" as he wants me to cut for him.

Jamie also loves airplane. He will spot any planes in the sky every time we are out.

Now he would want to the 1st at the door when we go out or come home. No jump queue please! Lol.


lina said...

Sure is getting bigger day by day. :)

Nancy Chan said...

The youngest is usually the boss and winner. So fun to watch your darling boy growing up.