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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

First visit to dentist

He complained of teeth ache yesterday. Then it was alright but Jay complained it was painful this afternoon.

A visit of dentist has been long overdue. So for the first time, Jay went to a dentist this afternoon.

Nervous and curious at the same time. But in the end after checking, dentist prescribed gel to put on his gum. No filling or pulling needed.


lina said...

Lucky no tooth got pulled out.

Take care!

Karen Perry said...

It's great news that nothing serious was a result of the pain he felt in that tooth. Now that he has been there and it was not as bad as he may have thought, you should have little issue getting him back every six months to keep him on the path to great dental health. He looks like he is a real trooper.

Sherry said...

seeing this post, only I recalled I have to see dentist!
bottom big teeth inside got hole :(