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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Her 1st outdoor activity

This was Jan's 1st outdoor activity organised by her Girl's Brigade and together with other uniform clubs in her school.
Jan has been very excited and looked forward to this event for weeks. She wanted to experience the fun and games with her friends.

So, few days before the actual day, I helped her to pack her stuff.  Each students have list of what to bring for the overnight.
I dropped her off in her school yesterday afternoon around 1pm and came back to check on her at 5pm.  The tents have been set up in the lobby and everyone was busy marching in the hall.  And the rain started to pick up that time so it was a cold night.  Luckily they put up the tents in the lobby, not the garden as the initial plan was.  But it was a cold night.  Luckily Jan has her sleeping bag so it was comfy and warm for her.

I got to catch her and her camping mates after the marching.  Look how happy the girls were? 

1 comment:

Sherry said...

this is good exposure for her. :D

I wanna son go for this soon, he's scout in school. Maybe Standard 5 or 6 school will arrange, just wait and see.