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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sleeping style

If you are wondering how Baby Jay sleeps, it is like the below picture. He gets bored on sleeping on his back the conventional way, so he invents his own sleeping style. Don't ask me how he gets down from his pillow and kicks his blanket, but I couldn't help but taking photographs while he is sleeping.

Since he was a month old, I started not to wrap him with the towel at night. However, if it is raining or the weather is cooler, I will wrap him with the towel, except his two arms. He did not like his arms to be wrapped too, so I just let him be.

Baby Jay is now 1 month 2 weeks old. He is getting more demanding as the day passed. Always want people to carry him around. Sometimes he will pretend to doze off by closing his eyes while we carrying him around. Cheeky little guy!


smallkucing said...

Wah! so young already know how to pretend ???

lvynana said...

No need to sleep buai/sarong meh? so good boy.

Rose said...

SmallKucing, yaloh. He already know how to stay quiet and pretend when people carry him around. Cham!!

Ivynana, I only let him sleep in sarong when he dozed off, did not swing him. He also did not like to sleep in sarong. I try not to encourage him to use it.