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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dandruff & Air-Con

Baby Jay has dandruff on his head. His skull is still not fully developed and we can really see the brain moving on top front part of his head. So, I do not dare to touch that delicate part of his head.

Back to the dandruff, Big J is complaining that his head is smelly and nagging me to do something with it. However in the end he did what I would not dare to do. Cleaning after the dandruff. Lol! He used baby oil and lightly swab on his head with cotton bud. He did it every day. The dandruff will stick to the cotton bud and some more, the baby oil makes Baby Jay smell nicer. Thank to Big J, the dandruff problem is getting lesser now.

Baby Jay's skin has also improving now but we have to make sure we wipe his face properly after every feeding to prevent the rashes. Besides that, we have to make sure the room temperature is cooling enough for him otherwise he will develop heat rashes on his body. So during the day time (depends on the weather), I will adjust the temperature to 24-26 degree Celcius and at night, it would be around 25-27 degree. I could not look at the electricity bill when it comes! Lol!


smallkucing said...

Joshua had dandruff too around that age. We put baby oil too. And the hair also dropped a lot during that time. I think it's normal kot? Changing of baby hair.

Cynthia said...

could it be the cradle crap? Breanna had it and after a few days I apply baby oil and scrape off when it's dry..