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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Look does matter

Some people said that once you are married, you tend to be less fussy about how you look, especially the wives. I partly agreed on this comment.

Reason of being when you have children, you do not have much times to look beautiful. Too much times put onto taking care of kids and doing the house chores. The time of “looking beautiful” or “impress” my husband tend to diminish. Probably after few years of marriage, we getting used to each other and outer beauty is no longer that important.

However, there is time when I want to look and feel good in front of Big J. Like on certain occasions. I have few female friends, after few years of marriage, they are not in particular about their look and body anymore. Their waistline grows and they do not care much about putting on make up or dressed up. Their husbands do not mind, but be frank. Do they really do not care about their wife’s appearance? Do they compare their wives with other women when they going out together? Let be frank. Have you ever thought about what your husband think about your appearance?
I do not know about you, “inner beauty” is important and so is “outer beauty”. There must be one time when you wish you would look beautiful and feel good about yourself. You would like your husband to feel proud of you. Some more, I think when you feel good about yourself, you bring out the “inner beauty” more and confident about yourself.

So, I may have been married to Big J for 5 years, but I still want to look good for him. Even it is 10 or 15 years or more, I still want to age gracefully. Big J always commented that he loves me no matter how I look; fat or ugly. Yes, that does sound very assuring. Whether I believe him or not, it is not the issue here. I want to look good not only for him, but for myself!! *wink*


SJ said...

yea husban would love it when you look gd

A smile from SJ =)

2crazydogs said...

Amen to that, Rose! Once in a while I still like to dress up to make myself feel good and the compliments I get from the hubs is the best!

slavemom said...

Yeah... we tend to neglect our appearance after many yrs of marriage n children. I oni dress up for special occasions. When we go out for shopping, etc, I'm jes a plain Jane. :)