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Our lovely princess

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The princess is back!

Either I am too excited to see her or I forgot to adjust the setting of camera, this photograph of my Princess Jan turned out blur. Never mind, just want to show you that my princess is back. Yes, she has grown up a bit (or just my feeling) and she gaining some weight. She comes back with lots of presents and new clothing, and I still haven't finished sorting out her clothing. I need to take out some of her old clothing and replaced with the new one.

She was shy when seeing me yesterday. She did not even slept in our room last night. However her mood is better today, she started to talk and get "manja" with me. Hmm, she still the same old Princess that I know. Chatty, active, moody and adorable at the same time! Welcome back, Princess Jan! And Merry Christmas to you.


smallkucing said...

It's not you..she did seems to have grown. Guess it's time to go shopping for new clothes for her :p

加油 said...

hello~nice to meet u..............................