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Our lovely princess

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My kids

I came back late last night. Flight delayed from 740pm to 8.30pm. Damn tired and frustrated due to the delay but the pilot reported some cabin problem on our original plane and we were diverted to a bigger plane that was bounded for Phuket. At least I reached home safe! I managed to catch the live telecast of Thomas Cup semi final between Malaysia and China. Almost everyone in the airport glued their eyes on the match between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. Alas, we lost again!

Anyway, when I reached home my kids were sound asleep. When little gal woke up this morning I gave her her present. A magic cube! I remember playing this cube when I was young. Suppose to stimulate your brain and good for brain development. So my princess is happily accepting her present and play with it. 3 for RM10 so I bought one for her, one for Big J and one for Princess's cousin Chloe.

My kids in their pyjamas posing in Baby Jay's bed. Aren't they cute?

The bigger Baby Jay is, the more he looks like his sister. Don't you think so? Even the smile too! Lol!


Anonymous said...


smallkucing said...

two in on cot kakaka cute...hope you got some close up shoots

mNhL said...

Delay nevermind, at least you reach home safely.

So nice to be with the family again. Bet you miss them so much.

Zooropa said...

They getting look alike! Remember to lower the cot as Baby Jay may climb out from it since he is much taller now.