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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

News from home

If there is anything to surprise me, it would be this. Big J is writing a blog! Yes! His own blog.

He told me over the phone the other night. When asked what content would his blog me, he did not want to tell me. Have to wait till I go back this weekend and check out on his blog. Hmm! He told me before that he would like to create his own blog, maybe on his interests and hobbies but never thought he really get down to it.

Last Saturday Baby Jay was down with tonsilitis. He was brought to see doctor and doctor confirmed it was tonsilitis. Luckily he is getting well now. Make me sick with worry over here. Now I could not wait to go home and check on him! No need to worry too much on Princess, since my SIL is back from hometown. Baby Jay has been put at baby sitter's till I am back. Just wish that Friday would be here fast.....counting down!


smallkucing said...

blog name please if it's convienenien ;D

Rose said...

Small Kucing, I didnt get his name as he didnt want to give to me. I will nag him once I am back. hahaha!

mNhL said...

Friday is tomorrow! can feel your homesickness.

Mommy Ling said...

Oh..faster faster Friday...coming**

Cant wait to carry ur baby i m sure.

Rose said...

Mnhl, yes, i can really homesick! and almost broke! hahaha!

Mommy Ling, how I wish I can hold my baby boy but have to wait till Sat. Cos my flight would be evening and by the time I reach home, it would be very late to pick him from nanny's house.