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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holiday blues not over

First day in school after been off for a month, my Princess Jan has some crying act on Monday.

As usual I woke her up around 730am, brushed her teeth and gave her milk then gone to attend to Baby Jay who is getting very active. Princess Jan always slow in finishing her milk, so I never bother her much on that. Just when everyone was almost ready to go out on Monday, my Princess suddenly with wet and red eyes came to me and said she did not want to go to school.

Sh*t! She usually like that after went back to hometown and laid off for so long. So after much coaxing from us and crying from her, we managed to persuade her to go to school. Still in the car, she tried to make us change our mind of sending her to school. To make her felt better, I assigned her to one assignment! Her assignment? To tell me who cry on first day of school!! Lol!

Anyway to cut the story short, when we reached her school, Big J accompanied her to her classroom since I am with Baby Jay in the car. Boo! A big cry from her once she was in the class. Not much we can do, so we left her in the good hand of her teacher.

So in the evening, I asked her about her assignment. Anyone cry? "No" was her reply. Only her that cried. Lol! Anyway, she felt better yesterday and back to her normal self. This morning she was happily jumping down from the car. I guess she is doing fine, just a little blue that hit her.


smallkucing said...

it happen to everyone once in awhile i guess. She'll be fine later on

Anonymous said...


Zooropa said...

Glad that Princess Jan is back to her own self. Try to spend more time with her during weekend to make her feel better :-)