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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Forgot about it

I just remember it! Supposed to go to Princes J's school to collect her report card and meet her class teacher on Friday but I totally forgotten about it till now! My plan is to get to know the teacher since I have never meet up with her and inquire on Princess' development in class. But alas! Got to wait for another semester.

I guess the teacher will put all the past semester's works and report card in Princess' bag next week, like what they did previously if parents cannot meet up for the Parents-Teachers Day.

One thing that I will not forget would be Baby Jay's next vaccination which is due sometimes next week. Must set reminder in my handphone. Since opening the shop, I have short term memory, so a reminder would be good in case I forgetting things. *wink*


smallkucing said...

means biz is good now? Happy for you.

janice said...

perhaps u shud get urself a PA.. lolss.. hehehe.. despite you are working u still can keep blogging.. bravo.. i m so lazy already .. ehehe