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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My baby is 1 today!

As mummy grows a year older yesterday, Baby Jay is one year old today. No longer a baby, he should be called a toddler. He can stand still now, pretty steady sometimes. He started to walk (like drunken boy) last month however he still enjoy crawling and exploring on his own; always wander and grab what ever that interested him.

Baby Jay loves to pinch and bite people, and not to mention I hate it when he is pulling my hair when he is annoyed or angry. As for his vocal ability, he is still in his baby talk. A bit slow in talking, unlike Princess. Probably a boy, not that talkative and slower. However he can call her sister "jie jie".

He is weighing around 10Kg during his previous visit to Paed which is early July, so I guess he is more than 11kg now. And it means that he is due for his 1 year old vaccination in 2 days time. Baby Jay has 8 teeths which is not as neat like his sister. All the teeth grow with gap in between. So it proved that babies who did not sulk pacifiers do not always have nicer teeth. Baby Jay did not take pacifier and his teeth grow like that. Meanwhile Princess who sulked on pacifier till she is about 1 year old has beautiful and even white teeth.

Baby Jay seldom wakes up at night for feeding. Even if he does, he just want me to hug or sleep with us. I guess he likes the comfort and warmth of sleeping with us in our bed. He is chatty and babbling although we could not understand him. He still in his baby talk, but he starts to say "dada" (daddy), "mum mum" (eat) and "nen nen" (milk). Yes. Yes. He did call "mummy" first. Lol!

He is growing to look more like his big sister. I could not help it, but both kids do not look much like me! What can I say? hahaha!


Zooropa said...

Happy 1 year old Birthday to Baby J!


2crazydogs said...

Happy 1st birthday, Baby J! Indeed he looks like his sister. Love their sparkling eyes! :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Both of them very look alike especially their eyes and skin colour.