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Our lovely princess

Friday, September 3, 2010

She cries

Today Princess is going to Sibu for overnight stay. Her grandma bringing her to see her aunt in Sibu, and then tomorrow they will be heading to Kapit.

Princess came into my room (she slept with her grandma in the other room for 2 nights) with red and teary eyes. And when asked why was she crying, she told me that she is missing me......*sob* And it puts tears in my eyes too. However the teary moment is only for few minutes as Princess was all joy and chirpy again. She even ate a handful of fried kuaw tiaw and reminded me to buy 2 pieces of her favourite croissants and a pack of Milo.

So in her Barney bag, she was off to the Sibu this morning. I am sure not only me that going to miss her. Baby Jay may senses his missing and chatty sister and so is Big J. No one can stand the chatterbox but when she is gone, the house is sure empty and quiet. Lol! It is going to be quiet till she is back next Saturday evening.


smallkucing said...

it's nearly Saturady :P

Rose said...

Not this Sat, it is next Sat. Another week....