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Our lovely princess

Friday, October 1, 2010

My two kids

Both kids have their own personality.

My Princess can be a princess when she wants to. She loves to dress up and act pretty. She chooses her own clothing and shoes when she is going out. She is also an independent girl; brushing her own teeth, changing herself etc. Every night without fail, she will read her books before goes to bed. Sometimes she can be a real menace; nagging and complaining about small things. Just like her mummy, Big J said! So, my princess is replacing me to be the "nagger" around the house. Lol!

Princess is also a lovey-dovey type of girl; love to show her feeling to us. She will hugs, kisses and says "I love you" when she feels like it. But she has her sensitive spot too. Sometimes I can feel that she is jealous of her brother; maybe because we put more times and attention on him than her.

On the other side, Baby Jay is a year old plus and he is one crying baby. He cries when me or Big J leaving the room. So I have to carry him when ever I want to do sometimes. He is also showing some tantrum once a while when he could not get his way.

When Princess is playing with her toys, Baby Jay will sure want to disturb her and sometimes take the toys away from her. And you know my Princess is usually the soft hearted one. She will only complaining and rumbling non stop about her naughty baby and then go find new toys to play. And Baby Jay on the other hand, will stop playing with the toys and disturb his sister again. That Baby Jay is one naughty baby.

Baby Jay also love to disturb my dressing tables. What ever he can grab, he will grab and bite. He loves my lotion in particular. He can use his teeth to bite open the lid and there goes my lotion if it is went unnoticed! And if you take the lotion away from him, we will have a wailing baby. At least wailing is better than scratching and biting. Now no one dare to hug him because he can scratch and bite people! And he loves to pull Princess' hair if Princess did not share her toys with him. Sigh!


smallkucing said...

Each child is special.

Looks like need to teach Baby J not to pull at ppl's hair.

mNhL said...

haha...replace you to be a nagger.