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Our lovely princess

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Old bed

For a week, my Princess has been sleeping on her old cot. Baby Jay did not want to sleep in his own cot, so my Princess is happily jumping into the bed and sleep. She told me how she misses her old bed. Lol!

Baby Jay has been sharing the same bed with me and Princess for few months now. Don't know why, he did not like to sleep on his own in his bed. And Big J? He sleeps on a mattress next to the bed. So you can imagine Baby Jay rolling, crawling and walking from one end of the mattress over to Big J's mattress. That boy of mine, has the same habit like his sister, but worse! I never expect to see his face next to me when wake up in the morning. Either I will be seeing his feet or him sleeping at the foot of the bed. Sometimes I wonder how he can sleep on Big J's mattress too. Hmmm....


smallkucing said...

LOL....mine nearly fell off the bed last night

slavemom said...

Kids r like that, can turn 360 deg in their sleep.