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Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy anniversary

Big J and I are different. Really the Mars and Venus thinggy.

He is passionate, rational and wise. He does thing slowly. I am just the opposite. I guess that is why people say opposite attraction is.

We may think and do things differently but once a while, we love to do things together. Like cooking a decent meal for the family. Or just go to our favourite cafe and enjoy the food we love.

Another aspect that we both think alike (not so agree but we compromise) is the way we raise our child. We believe that we need to connect with our children and involve in their lives. Although we are both busy with our respective works, we try to make some "quality" times for our two kids. Both need our attention and affection. I may be wrong (correct me if I do), most couple's argument concerning either money or children. Every household have the same problem and mine is not an exception. It is hard not to talk about such things, so some compromises are important in any relationships. We have been married more than 5 years and yet every day I am still learning to compromise with hubby.

How to keep our love stronger? It needs two hands to clap. We learn to give and take. Give times to each other, listen and talk to him and children, do the things we like and not forgetting, lots of love and hugs every day! *wink*

Happy Anniversary, darling!

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Cynthia said...

Happy Anniversary.. May you both be bless with many many more anniversaries!