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Our lovely princess

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some night chats with Princess

Sometimes, children can amaze and surprise you with their words. Too much of external influences.


Princess: Kung kung, you help me find a boyfriend.

Grandpa: Why?

Princess: Because I don't know how to choose, so you help me choose-lah

Grandpa: You just 5 years old and you are thinking of boyfriend now? *Faint*


Princess: Mummy, mummy!

Me: What?

Princess: Mummy, you cannot take bath together with di-di (brother).

Me: Why cannot?

Princess: Because you will be taking off your clothing and he see you naked. Not good.

Me: Never mind. Di-di still small, he would not understand. When he bigger, then I would not bathe with him.

Princess: But only girl can bath with girl and boy must bath with boy. Not boy and girl together. Not good.

Me: Ok, it is good you know that. But Baby Jay is my son and your brother. It is okay, but when he is bigger, he can bathe himself, like what you are doing now.

(in my car with radio on)

Princess: Mummy, please off the radio. I am talking on the phone.
Me: Ok (lowering down the radio volume).
Princess: Hai ya. Cannot talk lah. Di-di so noisy. I cannot hear what daddy is talking about.
Me: You so " banyak macam".
Princess: Not macam macam. How to talk on phone when it is so noisy leh.


Princess: Mummy, what would you want me to be when I grown up?
Me: Anything. Up to you.
Princess: But mummy, I don't want to do anything hard when I am bigger.
Me: (Sigh)


lina said...

Kids do say the darndest thing.

Cute conversations there. ^^

Karen90 said...

hahaha, funny conversation. Although, you feel speechless, but I believe you feel warm inside your heart.

Enjoy the moment when they are still that innocent. Because they will grow very fast. Happy Mummy <3

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Karen90 said...

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