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Monday, July 23, 2012

Another semester to go

I did not realise that time is passing very fast till my Princess told me that she is practising for her year end concert dances last week.  Wow!  My princess is going to graduate from her kinddy end of this year. 

My princess is growing fast and soon she will start another milestones next year, i.e Primary school.  Another headache and thrill experiences for all of us, I am sure.  *wink* 

The school holiday is starting in another month time, for the Raya celebration.  Since it is a week holiday, I dont think both kids will be going back to hometown.  Too rushing and she still have her Mandarin tuition and music class on going. 

And I have a scare last Saturday when her Mandarin tuition teacher came to me, telling me that Princess has some problem in her class.  She was seated at the back row for first time after been in tuition for a month and Princess was crying because unable to copy down the words on whiteboard.  Teacher was concern whether she has some eyesight problem.  Both Big J and I have eye sight problem and wearing glasses so chances are high that our kids will have problem too.  But after testing her on words etc, I found that her eyes are fine.  And when ask on the crying part in class, she told me that the teacher was blocking her view so she could not copy the words.  Huh?  What ever it is, maybe I need to bring her to specialist some time to check on her eye.  Hope she would not be having any problem. 

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