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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Must bring for holiday

My sister is going for a 4 days holiday in Krabi starting tomorrow.  It is actually a sponsored trip by her company.  I wish I can go with her! 

My sister is all set for the holiday.  She deserved it after all the hard work and dedications to the company.  And she has also got her credit card in time for the trip too.  She has been applying for credit cards from several banks and one bank has approved her application and sent the card to her early this month.  How happy she is!  She can spent with ease and conveniences in case she is running out of Thai Bath during her holiday.

However I told her to be careful and try to limit the usage of credit cards as I heard of too many cases of fraud involving cards.  Some can ever sold your credit card information to another company and imagine what they can do to our cards. 

But I am sure my sister will enjoy herself in Krabi.  She even bought herself a new swimsuit for the beach with her new credit card last week.  *wink*

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