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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Comments from her teacher

Visited the kids' kindergarden yesterday.  I need to pass Baby Jay's photocopied birthcert and 4 passport-sized photographs to the office and same time, make purchase of Princess' graduation night DVD.

Met with one of Princess' teacher and we had a good chat yesterday.  She shown me the pictures taken by one of teachers during that night.  I was commenting that Princess is not the tallest among the class but the teacher assured me that Princess is of average height.  Some of the girls are really so tall that they do not look like a 6 year old kids.  Lol!

And teacher also commented that some of the students came to her that night and asked why my Princess got prize while they do not have.  So the teacher having a hard time explaining to the students.  Princess excelled in her academic area and very observant and have good memories, teacher commented to me.  Princess used to be very shy and quiet in class and seldom would like to participate in any competitions held in the school.  But this year, she has shown much improvement and most of her teachers were surprised.  She was more talkative and socialise this year and want to participate in the programmes.  She participate in the last competition and she was through to final and won a consolation prize. 

While practising for the graduation night dance, teacher commented that Princess was not daring to dance during the first few rehearsal.  But after teacher threatening her that she will put Princess to the back row instead of first row, she performed better.  And teacher was amazed that Princess dances and sings so well after that rehearsal.  Lol! 

Not only she danced well in 3 dance pieces during the night, she was also selected to do a short introduction speech for one of the dances.  Even teacher was worry at first whether Princess would chicken out at last minute but I was proud of her.  She was so confidence and took the centre stage and delivered her speech clear and well.  The whole QL 3 classes (En-Newton, En-Wright Brothers and En-Armstrong) performed a musical drama based on classical "Sound of Music".  It was a great show from all the students and we enjoyed it very much. 

Princess is going to Primary One next year.  And with her new confidence and winning a prize, it will motivate her to perform better.  I just worry that with new environment and language difference she may be a bit laid back.   Hope her new teachers will bring out something better from her next year.  

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