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Thursday, November 8, 2012

School holiday is here

Today is last day of school for Princess.  There is no class party this year in the school and I wonder why???  I remember for the past years, we have to bring something to school for Teachers' Day and Year End class party.

Tomorrow her school is closed in preparation for the graduation concert in MBKS.  Princess' class will be performing 3 songs while Princess has an honour to do an introduction speech to one of the class' dance tomorrow night.

The kids' aunt will be flying from Sibu tonight, as she is accompanying them going back to hometown this Saturday morning.  Am going to miss both kids because they will only be back after Christmas.  About 1.5 months long......

So tomorrow night my SIL will be following us to the graduation concert and after that, the kids will be staying over with my SIL in BDC.  Saturday they are taking an early flight, around 6.35am so it would be more convenient for my BIL to send them to airport. 

Happy holiday to all the kids out there!  Enjoy and have fun over the school holiday. 

1 comment:

Zooropa said...

I'm sure you'll gonna miss both of them very much but you can take this opportunity to do the things you enjoy without the kids tagging ;-)