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Saturday, April 6, 2013

His first Q1 report

Got Baby Jay's report book yesterday and I am proud to hear that he is doing fine in school.  Teachers also commented that Baby Jay is progressing well and started to socialise with his other friends in his Pre-1 class.

At first he was quiet and reluctant to do works in class but after few "blackmails", he is getting better as months go. Now he learns and can recognised more letters, numbers and words.  And teachers also complimented that Jay is obedient and started to do his work by himself.

And like his sister, we collecting and keeping his arts and books in box for memories.  The sister has 2 boxes of her stuff in the storeroom, so we are expecting 2 boxes of Baby Jay's stuff too.  *wink*


lina said...

That's a good report. :)

What a nice stash of the kids' arts & books you hae. :)

Small Kucing said...

Bravo...good job

Caca said...

congrats. I am Foo Chow, are you? as I saw your surname is Ling.