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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Awful bloody experience

It just did not went so well today.

Raining almost the whole morning and me and my 2 older kds at home after sent Jamie to nanny. We relaxed at home in front of the tv. And around 1pm we went to SCR for our lunch. After that we went home straight. Thought to take a catnap before going out to pick my MILfrom wharf but the kids did not want to nap. So I let them play in the living room. But barely 10 minutes I left them, Jan hurriedly told me that Jay was bleeding. Being a drama queen I never thought Jan was not exaggerating!!

But true, the bloody sight awaiting me!

First time I see so many blood. Oh dear, my boy was sitting quietly with his face down and blood all over. Only when I sat next to him, then he cried showing me his face. After all the wiping and pressing the wound area then I knew he has cut himself.

A big cut on the forehead! Immediately I sent him to ER for stitches. He still have the energy to fool around after a big cry out. However once his turn, the whole hospital is full of his cries. It broke my heart seeing him in pain but he was a strong kid because it took 4 people to hold him down while doctor stitched him 3 times. Sigh! Luckily no fever but am sure the wound part will be inflammed.

  After all the drama, he fell asleep in the car. The whole ordeal last almost 3 hours.

Hope the naughty boy learnt his lesson (never jump from chair) and listen to mum and dad.But from the look of thing, he has forgotten about it. Lol.


lina said...

That's a lot of blood!

But I guess, scraps and bruises are part of growing up.

He's doing ok, yeah?

Yee Ling said...

Oh no..hope he is doing fine now.

Speedy recovery to ur boy.