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Monday, December 30, 2013

Our holidays

We are currently having our family holiday in Kuching. Drove back from Sibu on Christmas day and we are going back to Sibu on New Year. A great way to spend our Christmas and New Year. On the road! ;)

Baby Jamie is left with baby sitter in Sibu. Too young to travel long distance but we shall bring him back next September in time for his 1st birthday.

We did not go out muvh because of rain. It pratically rains every day here. So cold and wet. We just go out for meals and shopping for basic stuff for home. We still managed to catch a movie in GSC. The Hobbits. Yay. Nice movie but really look forward to the 3rd episode.

We spent mostly at home cleaning, clearing and sorting out the clusters. Threw so many stuff away. Never knew there were so much 'rubbish' to clear when we get down to housekeeping.

I think the next time we are back here as a family would be in September. Hubby may be coming back once a month for few days training in Kuching.

Wishing everyone a Happy 2014! What I wish for 2014? Of course good health and everyone stays happy and fit. It is going to be a busy new year with 3 kids and some vacations in the agenda. :) Happy new year!!

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lina said...

Happy new year!

Wah, vacationing next year? Have fun! :-D