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Our lovely princess

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Her test result

School holiday is officially starting now! I am sure every kids including their parents can breathe some air of relief as the exam period was over. No matter what the result would be, the kids deserve this holiday. 

Princess has a good result overall although she scored almost the same marks as the previous semester. Hope to get her to study more on Chinese as this is her least favourite and the poorest subject. 

Chinese - 60 + 67.5
BM - 89 + 90
English - 100
Morale - 75
Science - 87
Maths - 91

Now I wonder how to get her to improve on her Chinese? 


Small Kucing said...

similar here...cikgu says go for tuition to boost up but....already no time to play leh....

Ez Vina said...

wow, she's good, I'm also in the draft of writing Eugene's result, his is so-so only.