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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Him in K1 (1st semester)

Went to meet Jay's teacher on Wednesday morning. A little chat on his academic progress in school.

Met up with all his subject teachers and all complained about his "cakar ayam" writing. Lol. Jay does have an illegible writing as he simply write the letters big and with no spacing in between words. Well, teachers suggested more writing practices at home during holidays and hopefully with better writing, he will be more confidence and improve in learning.

Maths - teacher said he understanding calculation.

English - tend to cry if he does not know how to do. Need improvement in writing and reading.

Chinese - need to improve on strokes, also tend to cry if unable to complete task in class
We are happy with his test result. Proud of him.

While he will be having a 3-weeks holiday starting on 26 May, he would have some holiday schoolworks to be done. He may not be the brightest boy in school, but he is a good and intelligent boy in his own way.

He loves to play hidden pictures puzzle. 

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Small Kucing said...

Same complaints from the teachers here. Tulisan terrible :(