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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another group photo

So fast, it is another year. And Jay was taking his school's group photo this morning in Sibu Civic Centre. This year I was there to witness the process unlike last year when I were heavily pregnant.

Took an hour to arrange the children. It was a tough job to handle them. The younger ones were restless and as parents were there, they tend to be clingy and did not want to be in the group. I stood near the cameraman so I overheard a conversation of him and another parent. That parent was unhappy as had been waiting for the children to be ready. Well, it was not smooth handling of the packs but glad it was done at the end. After done, each parent was to bring the children to school.

Soon the children will be practising and rehearsing for their year end concert. Time really flies! And my Jay is going to be 5 next month!

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lina said...

Wahhh! Big boy already! :)