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Friday, July 11, 2014

The little 10 months old

Jamie is 10 months old today. 

  1. He is taking his little steps by holding onto the bed, table etc for support
  2. He loves digging into his clothing cabinet and throws his clothing on the floor
  3. Splashing water during bath time is his hobby
  4. He likes sticking out his tongue
  5. Will call out for attention when he wanted to eat
  6. Like to scratch people when ever he has the chance
  7. Dances and sings to music
  8. Calling out "papa" (daddy), "mum mum" (food), "halo"(hello) and "ba ba" (bye bye) now
  9. Know how to wave his hand when ask him to wave good bye
  10. He has running nose and very cranky lately; maybe teething. Currently he has two teeth at lower front jaw
  11. Don't know why, he just love the sound of vacuum cleaner and hair dryer. He goes excited at their noises.

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