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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

At 14 months

The lazybum

I know that I did not do the 13 months update as I am lazy to do it every month. I would not be doing it every month but will pen it down here if any major progress or happenings. 

Here a little update on my youngest.

  1. He is taking few little steps every now and then. The most is 5 little steps.
  2. He loves to eat but not so into meat. His favourite are bread, noodles and soups.
  3. He will tell you when he wants to eat or go out. 
  4. More vocal. Could hear him calling mummy, daddy, jie jie, kor kor, gung gung and poh poh. He understands some words that we say.
  5. Mix of Chinese and English vocabulary. He can say "kei" (give), what, ter (water), ba (bear).
  6. He loves watching cars and motorbikes pass by.
  7. He hates it when he could not get hold on something or his older siblings steal his thing. We would hear a lot from him then!
  8. He would put himself to sleep at night. Usually he would sleep on his brother's bed but when he wants to fall asleep, he will move back to our bed.
  9. He likes to play peekaboo.
  10. He tends to be possessive and protective of his stuff. Will grab his stuff back if see his other siblings holding it.
  11. Loves to climb the staircases. Headache for me!


Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates said...

He is soooooo cuteeeeeee!

lina said...

He sure is growing up well. :)