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Monday, November 17, 2014

The big boy

Have been planning to pen this down but did not get down to it till now. Really a lazy mum. Lol.

My eldest son, Jay has grown up so much this year. Weighing 16kg and stand tall at 104cm, he loves to eat noodles.

He is more independent now, doing things by himself. He still has that cheekiness and playfulness in him but he listens more. 

He brushes his own teeth and bathes himself (under minimal supervision, changes himself without my help sometimes. He feeds himself now although I would be expecting messes under the table most of the times.

And did I mentioned that he did not wet his bed for few months now?? Happy he is out of that stage now. 

 He loves to make himself cute and pretty. Since the dad bought a cowboy hat for him last week, he could not stop wearing it all the times (except going to school). 

Talking about school, we got his report card back. Drop in his marks. Oh well, need to teach him more over the school holiday.

He had his graduation concert last Friday night. He performed few dances. 

5 years and 3 months old, he can behave when you least expect him to be. Most of the times, he is adorable. Other times? Crawling on your head! Lol. 


Small Kucing said...

2x5 with J...both also loves noodles

Grades are good...keep it up :)

lina said...

He sure looks so big already!