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Our lovely princess

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our princess is 9!

Our princess is celebrating her birthday today. She has grown and mature so fast that I feel that I am getting old. She is like a little sister to me, loves to cuddle, kiss and stick to my side when ever she can.

She has grown to be sensitive and sensible girl. Still has the passion for music and arts. She enjoys her piano lesson and whenever she is free, she will draw. A way to express herself.

She is also a good sister to both Jay and Jamie. She is closer to Jay as they are just 3 years apart. Play, share, argue, and fight together. As with Jamie, she is attentive to him. Jamie loves to be around her and always go into her room while he will look for Jay when he wants a playmate.

Princess loves her own privacy. She has her own room, own stuff and secrets. She loves to dress up and be pretty. Never bored in posing in front of camera. A true candid in photo shoots.

Happy birthday, Princess Jan. You are the rose of our home. We love you.


Nancy Chan said...

Your lovely princess Jan is growing up into a very beautiful lady.

lina said...

Happy 9th birthday to your girl.