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Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy 20 months Jamie

Yes. I know. This mummy has been super lazy in updating his progress but worry not. Here is what Jamie has been through and learnt.

More into his vocabulary. Some words included fish (he says "fi"), water (he says "ter"), cookie, key, car, lorry, no, sit, down, up, eat, sleep, take, tv, cheese (he says "chee"). He still talk in his baby language so I need to slowly converted those words to English and Chinese.

He is a sweet talker. Greet his grandparents, aunt and uncle. Everyone adores him.

Up and down
He can climb up and down the staircases by himself!!

Loves to hold pen and pencil and doodle on paper. Luckily he has not into wall doodling (yet!)

Jamie loves to go out. Everytime he sees us getting ready to go out, he will take his shoes so we could wear for him.
He started to show interest on tv. His favourite Disney series are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Hi-5.
Jamie loves to listen to songs and dance to the tune.

Jamie tends to be an observer when with people. He does not talk much with others but at home he can be very babbling and noisy. He has a mind of his own. He can be bossy and demand everyone's attention. But we love him every bits!

And last week we brought him to his 1st ever beach outing!! He was afraid of the sand and waves at 1st but after that he was at ease and enjoy his 1st beach outing and staycation.

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Nancy Chan said...

Hi cutie Jamie! You are so adorable! Ha ha..I always love baby talking of little kiddie. It is very fun seeing him growing up.